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Logistics Manager

Location: 360 Woodland St, Bloomfield, CT
Type: Full Time
Reports to: VP, Operations

Kelser provides IT solutions that enable the success of our clients. We’re looking for an individual who is driven to lead on efficiency and accuracy in our management of inventory, deliveries and logistics. Kelser Logistics owns the “last mile” of the journey and enhances the client relationship with on-time, as requested delivery of products as well as accurate and dependable recording of inventory for our company. The right individual would be an energized team leader who is working alongside their staff to produce excellence in all aspects of the Logistics and Warehousing processes as well as continue to engage openly and productively with the other teams in our company to deliver outstanding customer experiences.

The individual who is selected can expect to dedicate significant energy to deliver on the expectations of the role. In response to that dedication comes the unwavering support of the entire Kelser organization, and the compensation deserved for the effort.

The Logistics Manager is the primary individual responsible for the overall operation of the Logistics Team and Warehouse Operations. In this role, the Logistics Manager will leverage data from our ERP, past experience and an open mind to continually develop staff and optimize work processes to enable the most efficient and accurate outcomes possible. Success in this role is heavily dependent on operational excellence illustrated in the metrics below. It is expected that the Logistics Manager always represent the company, brand, and offerings in a positive manner.

If you’re a driven Warehouse or Logistics Manager who seeks to work with a dynamic IT services company, please submit your resume and cover letter to careers@kelsercorp.com.


Duties and Responsibilities
  • Promote Kelser services, products, and partnerships
  • Coordinate staff and work processes to ensure accurate and timely operations
  • Keep accurate inventory including execution of cycle, random, scheduled counts
  • Rectify any discrepancies in inventory and update records and finance team
  • Meet shipping and receiving expectations using Kelser best practices
    • Outbound shipments aligned to customer expectations on Sales Order
    • Inbound receipts accurately completed daily updating ERP and records
    • Efficient management of warehouse space
  • Maintain delivery vehicles operating condition and adherence to laws/lease requirements for the same
  • Negotiating freight charges both with parcel and LTL/OTR shipping firms
  • Coordinate staff schedules for coverage due to volume, PTO, sick, etc.
  • Align efforts with Customer Support, PMO, and other teams as needed to satisfy client requirements
  • Quality Control on all work processes – inbound, outbound, daily tasks, etc.
  • Attend management meetings as scheduled – in person when possible, remotely otherwise
  • Engage regularly with Customer Support and Finance managers to discuss opportunities and challenges
  • Present at customer meetings, seminars, trainings, and webinars as required
  • Attend trainings and complete certification programs as required
  • Other reasonable duties assigned by management
Skills and Qualifications
  • Minimum 3 years of experience managing similarly sized operation
    • Inclusive of inventory accountability; staff management; freight vendor management; domestic and international shipping
  • Able to lift 50 pounds
  • Excellent customer service skills
  • Conversational understanding of Kelser products and services
  • Effective communication and documentation abilities
  • Proficient at Microsoft Office; Strong basic math skills; Strong communication ability
  • Accurate inventory counts
  • On-time and accurate shipping outbound
  • On-time and accurate inbound receipts
  • Accuracy and efficiency of staff operations
  • Efficient and safe use of space, vehicles, inventory movement equipment
  • Successful negotiating with logistics or warehousing vendors
  • Operationally productive engagements with other Kelser teams
  • Outstanding staff and customer relations
  • Data completeness, timeliness and accuracy

Kelser Overview

The Kelser team works with integrity and enthusiasm to provide each client with the highest quality product and experience.

We’re a team of biznologists who bring boundless enthusiasm, technical curiosity and genuine concern for the success of our clients to each engagement.

The title reflects what we know to be true: you can’t have technology without understanding the business framework in which it operates. Together, we’re creating a world of energized relationships and shared prosperity. If that’s how you like to work, come join us. Our team’s energy creates an enthusiastic and engaging workspace. We rely on a continuous infusion of innovative and creative ideas providing everyone the opportunity to use their individual skills and abilities to guide our clients through the numerous IT challenges they encounter on a daily basis.

Kelser empowers each employee to make an impact every day by living our values. Hard work is not only appreciated but rewarded. As a result, we have achieved high employee retention and development. Many employees have been with Kelser for more than 20 years.

The Kelser team works with integrity and enthusiasm to provide each client with the highest quality product and experience. Kelser cares about what's best for its clients and understands that excellence starts with each staff member. Kelser continues to provide the highest level of satisfaction to all business relationships while continuing to grow in expertise with the incessantly emerging technology environment.

Kelser Corporation is an equal opportunity employer.