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George’s primary passion is working hand-in-hand with his clients to define and deploy the solutions that best fit their unique circumstances. And, as a consultant to clients of all sizes, he is always looking for ways to create relevance across multiple business silos.

“The only way to create a positive and rewarding experience for clients is by being brutally honest and a man of my word.”

With George, what you see is what you get. He takes pride in being the glue that keeps lines of communication open and engagements moving to the finish line. By generously sharing his knowledge and expertise with his clients, he tries to demonstrate the integrity and partnership that have been a hallmark of his most successful business relationships.

George is proud to work at Kelser because the company believes in and is structured to deliver the level of professionalism, care, and client-focused solutions that he has learned are necessary to serve clients best in today’s rapidly changing technology environment.