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Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

Protect your information while preventing data loss and downtime during and after cyber attacks, natural disasters, and other unforeseen catastrophes.

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Business Continuity Services

Prepare for the Worst

According to research firm Clutch.co, 60% of small businesses that suffer data loss will shut down within six months.

This should be terrifying—especially given the fact that 58% of these businesses say that they aren’t prepared to lose any of their data.

Don’t let your company become a statistic. Business continuity and disaster recovery planning must be a critical part of running your business. We provide a complete backup, local disaster recovery, and cloud disaster recovery solution coupled with ongoing management, monitoring, and support.

Evaluate Your Operations

With Recover Forward, our team of disaster recovery experts provide you with training programs, tailor-made to your business needs and objectives, on how to preserve your business continuity no matter what happens.

Application downtime is just one of many ways your business could suffer. In order to understand the true costs of a disaster, calculate your average daily revenue and multiply by the amount of downtime. This figure represents the lost revenue you’re missing out on until you’re back up and running again. Your company needs a disaster recovery solution that will get you back on your feet as soon as possible.

Educating key figures and decision-makers such as managers, IT staff, and executives on how to respond to a disaster is critically important.

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Success Story

Virtualized data backup provides faster disaster recovery and uninterrupted services

Reliable, cost-effective backup allows the Greater Boston Food Bank to preserve its past and secure its future


While data backup is a standard business practice, few businesses intelligently plan for a disaster, or business interruption. We provided GBFB with a single solution that addresses both affordably.

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Find risks in your disaster recovery or business continuity solution

Are you confident that your business continuity and disaster recovery solution sufficiently covers your environment?

Find out with our no-cost BCDR Assessment.

Whether you’re looking to implement a comprehensive business continuity / disaster recovery (BCDR) solution or want to confirm that your current one is up to snuff, our BCDR Assessment will deliver the insight you’re looking for.

Kelser’s BCDR Assessment will:

  • Evaluate the coverage of your existing backup solution
  • Identify and score risks and issues in your current environment
  • Define initial backup requirements for your environment
  • Make actionable recommendations