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IT Services For Enterprise

Whether you need a planned hardware update or unexpected resource acquisition, you need an IT provider that develops flexible solutions to meet your needs and serve as an extension of your internal IT department.

Data Center Services
Network And Wireless
Supply Chain Services

Know that your data center is secure, efficient and optimized

Custom enterprise solutions that lower cost by leveraging the cloud to provide improved speeds and availability.

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Keep your business always connected and available

Reliable and fast networks that are customized to meet your business's unique requirements.

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Know that your devices are handled throughout the entirety of their lifecycle

Customized procurement, configuration, implementation, maintenance and secure disposal of your technology.

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Data Center Services

Your organization has unique data storage and computing needs.

Fundamentally, data is a series of ones and zeros. Our enterprise class data center services offer improved storage, lightning fast application speed, energy efficiency, and greater value from your square footage to help you put those ones and zeros in the right place on your balance sheet.

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Network and Wireless

The need for always-available communication is greater now than it has ever been.

Your network is the most critical piece of IT infrastructure in your entire organization—when it goes down, you’re not helping clients or generating profits. Our comprehensive network and wireless offerings keep your business up and running.

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Supply Chain Services

Bring simplicity and efficiency to your IT procurement and disposition process, while incorporating diverse delivery and configuration requirements.

Cut through the clutter and streamline your processes. Our supply chain services manage each device's lifecycle from procurement through decommission, allowing you to run your business more efficiently.

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Learn more about what an enterprise IT provider is, what they do and how they can increase efficiency by managing IT resource acquisition, imaging, and deployment for organizations like yours.

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Success Story

Maintaining business flow during a major technology transition

Seamless staged deployment brings block purchase of desktops online in less than two months for Webster Bank.


Connecticut-based Webster Bank was undertaking a large-scale hardware refresh. But to maintain normal business operations during their transition they needed the help of their trusted IT consultant. Learn how Kelser seamlessly transitioned Webster Bank to their new hardware without a hitch.


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