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Strategic IT Consulting Services

Small to medium-size businesses have strategic goals, but they don’t always have the biggest budgets. A virtual chief information officer is a C-level expert that SMBs can use on a fractional basis.

Full-time expertise on a part-time basis

How can a vCIO move your business forward?

This is what adding a Kelser vCIO to your organization means specifically...

For Company Leadership
For IT Staff
For the whole team
A partnership with Kelser means implementing and aligning IT with the goals of your business.

IT is the backbone of any business, but not every business has the resources for a full-time CIO. Harnessing the power of technology on a strategic level can propel it to the next level.

In this current labor market, available CIO talent is in high demand. A traditional, full-time CIO is now not only expensive, but also difficult to find. Kelser gives you easy access to high-level expertise without the commitment of a full-time salary.

Focus on the day-to-day, we’ll handle the big picture.

You’ve been helping your company operate effectively, and we’re here to give that a boost. While you and your colleagues are laser-focused on keeping your business online and out of trouble, we’re involved with multiple companies throughout many industries, so we have our finger on the pulse of IT and current trends.

A vCIO also helps bridge the gap between company leadership and IT, ensuring both are aligned for the company’s success.

A healthy IT environment is beneficial for all employees throughout the entire company.

Employee dissatisfaction is the number one telltale sign that a company needs a vCIO. Struggling with poor connectivity or antiquated hardware shouldn’t be part of the job.

When technology isn’t a priority, it can lead to attrition. Employees feel undervalued when their pleas for support and a helping hand go ignored. Good employees shouldn't leave over something as fixable as having a proper IT infrastructure.

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Hoffman Auto Group's vCIO story

A Connecticut institution needed a technology overhaul.

To position Hoffman for a second century of growth, Kelser implemented upgrades and processes to properly pave the road to the future, which happened to include a global pandemic.

See how Hoffman Auto Group secured the services of a Kelser vCIO, who helped streamline the average time to process a sale from four hours to 45 minutes.

vCIO Services in Connecticut and Massachusetts

Top IT talent at a fraction of the cost.

A Kelser vCIO is your dedicated technology executive to lead you through strategic IT planning, new initiatives and big decisions. You gain the competitive advantage of a seasoned C-level hire without the compensation package.

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Success Story

The IT Transformation of Empire Industries

How a manufacturer leveraged a vCIO partnership with Kelser to drive rapid growth.


For Connecticut manufacturer Empire Industries, a breach wasn't just a wake-up call: It was an opportunity. We came up with a plan and implemented backup solutions to protect their data. We put together a team led by a vCIO.

Our team and their team meet on a regular basis to map out their goals and how to achieve them. The new partnership gave this manufacturer a boost, and the security it needed.

Technical Alignment for Everyday Success

Your vCIO helps shape your IT strategy, and then your TAM (Technical Alignment Manager) implements it.


Leave Your IT Issues Behind

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