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What We Offer

You don't need technology. You need what technology makes possible.

Your organization’s technology exists to serve your business goals. It doesn’t matter how complicated the code or innovative the solution if it doesn’t help you move forward.

We specialize in designing what you need to support and empower your company through every stage of its journey. Leverage our expertise to complement your in-house team.

How We Help

Who We Help

We tackle technology challenges across all industries. Here are those we work with most.

Success Stories

See how we've helped our clients achieve their business goals.


Success Story

Empire Industries

Empire Industries had not upgraded its IT security since its initial installation. Kelser determined that the cybersecurity of the company needed to be modernized through IT consulting. Learn how cybersecurity enhancements helped ease incident response as well as recovery.

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Success Story

Greater Boston Food Bank

Greater Boston Food Bank's legacy backup and disaster recovery solutions were expensive and weren't providing the reliable protection GBFB needed to serve its clients without disruption. See how Kelser setup a more efficient and effective disaster recovery solution.

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Success Story

Jefferson Radiology

Connecticut-based Jefferson Radiology needed a secure, compliant way for their staff to work remotely with all the same capabilities of working from the office. Learn how Kelser gave Jefferson Radiology's staff the remote flexibility they needed without compromise.

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The Kelser Process

How We Work

From understanding what’s important to you, to working with you to develop a plan that brings it to life, we are committed to helping your business succeed.

1. Objectives First

Technology is the tool we use to help you build your business. But to be of real value, we have to first understand what you are building and why. We work with you to develop a shared understanding of your goals and the role technology can play in meeting them. Once we know what drives your business, we begin creating a solution.

2. Co-invention

We have deep experience, know how to wield it creatively and have access to best-of-breed technologies. But in order to get the right solution for you, that’s not enough. There are business idiosyncrasies that only you can know. To support your future and deliver the ROI you’re looking for, we include you in the solution design process from day one.

3. Transparency

It doesn’t help you to know upfront costs but not the implications down the road. From service and upgrades to expansion possibilities and emergencies, we lay it all out for you. You will know exactly what you are buying, its total cost and the value it brings over the life of the solution.

4. Flexible Solutions

Part of our work is to understand where you want to be down the road—one, two, even five years from now. We design solutions that meet your objectives today and can be built upon over time as your needs change. By staying aware of where technology is headed we can make sure you are prepared for the next advance.

5. Mentoring

Technology is not a set it and forget it proposition. Success depends on knowing how it works and what to look for when there’s a glitch. In the same way that we co-develop your solution, we bring you into the implementation process. We share our knowledge and expertise, teaching you how to keep your investment performing as intended.

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