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Supply Chain Services

Cut through the clutter and streamline your processes. Our supply chain services manage each device's lifecycle from procurement through decommission, allowing you to run your business more efficiently.

Know that your devices are handled throughout the entirety of their lifecycle with services like…

Data Destruction
IT Asset Disposition

Procurement at the speed of you.

We know your tech needs can’t wait, and we implement dynamic solutions so you don’t have to.

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Always have the latest tech at your fingertips.

Shifting hardware procurement from CapEx to OpEx allows for predictable billing and reduced costs.

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Data is the DNA of your business, separating you from competitors.

When it's time, our data destruction process meets or exceeds data security and destruction standards.

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When the usable life of your devices have passed, it's not enough to simply wipe and recycle them.

We handle the compliant and secure disposal of your obsolete hardware and provide audit-ready documentation allowing you to focus on your company's future.

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Bring simplicity and efficiency to your IT procurement process, while incorporating diverse delivery and configuration requirements.

We create custom online stores complete with catalogs of the products and services you need. Individualized user profiles and instant quotes eliminate guesswork and save time by allowing users to submit purchase orders directly from the same interface. Our focus on personalized service means your e-commerce store will learn your needs by tracking your most frequently ordered items, making each visit simpler. This allows you to import or build unique configurations including specific bundles—seamlessly fulfilling your most complex procurement needs with a single click.

Our online store model enables our clients to be as autonomous as they would like to be. Experienced Kelser staff is always a phone call or email away to provide guidance in procurement decisions.

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Flexibility and scalability without the responsibility.

Device-as-a-Service shifts technology hardware from a capital expense to an operating cost. Rather than buying new computers and other technology in one large, up-front expense and then burdening your IT department with the massive task of setting them all up and maintaining them, we manage the assets for their entire lifespan. From device integration and imaging to asset tagging and end of life disposal, we've got you covered.

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Data Destruction

At the end of your device’s life, you want to be sure that your sensitive data doesn’t end up in the wrong hands.

Our state-of-the-art sanitation removes data so thoroughly that we meet Department of Defense standards. We render media on your devices unusable through high energy magnetic exposure and destroy physical hard drives swiftly—shredding up to 100 drives an hour. When we’re done, you’ll receive a certificate of data destruction guaranteeing our work.

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IT Asset Disposition

Your IT assets run deeper than computers, laptops, hard drives, and servers.

Embedded data in printers, network switches, IP phones, and smart power strips could be the entryway into your network causing a data breach. Our relentless attention to these details provides peace of mind as we securely dispose of your IT assets and provide you with audit-ready documentation that ensures the security of your data as well as environmental compliance.

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Success Story

Maintaining business flow during a major technology transition

Seamless staged deployment brings block purchase of desktops online in less than two months for Webster Bank.


Connecticut-based Webster Bank was undertaking a large-scale hardware refresh. But to maintain normal business operations during their transition they needed the help of their trusted IT consultant. Learn how Kelser seamlessly transitioned Webster Bank to their new hardware without a hitch.


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