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How Does Managed IT Support Pricing Work?

Price is an important consideration when hiring an IT provider. Rather than avoid the conversation, we address it head-on, knowing that transparency leads to the best partnerships.

How Much Does Managed IT Support Cost?

No matter what you are buying, you need to know the price. Why should Managed IT Support be any different?

We provide transparent answers to all of our clients’ questions so they can feel confident in making the IT decision that is right for them.

The truth is Managed IT Support costs range widely depending on a number of factors. That is why it is important for us to explain how it works.

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Factors That Affect Managed IT Cost

Factors That Affect Pricing

Every organization has a unique IT environment that can affect cost. Some of these factors include:

1. Number of users

One of the biggest factors that affects IT support costs is the number of users being supported. While managed IT support is a fixed monthly cost, adding or subtracting users will affect the overall cost proportionally.

2. Number of devices

Many users have more than one device (laptop, tablet, phone, etc.). Each device needs to be accounted for when calcuating cost.

3. Number of Locations

Supporting one physical location is much simpler than supporting multiple locations. If all users are physically located at one site, the cost will likely be less than several sites or a largely remote workforce.

4. Complexity of IT infrastructure

The current condition, age and customization of your IT  infrastructure also can affect cost.

5. Licensing

Licensing fees are proportional to the number of users in an organization. Every organization’s licensing fees will be different and volume discounts may drive down the per-user cost.

Kelser's Managed IT Support

What Does It Cost? 

What Does It Include?

The cost usually falls in the range of $120-140 per user per month. 
Our managed IT support provides the highest level of support and keeps your business operating efficiently and securely.
  • vCIO (Virtual Chief Information Officer)
  • TAM (Technical Alignment Manager)
  • Service Desk
  • Managed Servers Including Disaster Recovery
  • Managed Network
  • Managed Workstations With Automated Patching
  • Automated Monitoring
  • Email Support
  • Managed DNS-Based Protection

  • Managed Spam Filtering And Protection
  • Automated Maintenance
  • Incident Notification And Remediation
  • License Management
  • Managed Anti-Malware
  • Service Delivery Manager
  • Strategic IT Planning
  • Quarterly Business Reviews
  • Managed Employee Awareness Training

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Why Choose Kelser?

We know the importance of having an IT infrastructure that works with and for you. We partner with you based on a deep understanding of your business goals, your IT environment and how technology can help position your business for success.
  • Strategic Partnership
    Strategic IT experts like the Virtual Chief Information Officer (vCIO) and the Technical Alignment Manager (TAM) keep you informed about the latest IT trends and technology solutions that support your business strategy.

  • Cost Effective
    Many small and medium-sized businesses struggle to afford the full complement of IT experts they need to care for their IT infrastructure. For one predictable monthly expense, you gain the confidence of a deep bench of expertise without bearing the cost of hiring your own staff.

  • Unlimited Service Desk
    Whether you have 5 tickets in a month or 50, they are covered. Your users have unlimited access to our service desk so you have the support you need when you need it.

  • Security
    We are on top of the latest trends in cybersecurity and data security. Managed verified backups enable business continuity and faster disaster recovery in the event of a breach.

  • We Treat Your Business As If It Were Our Own
    Trust and transparency are fundamental pillars of our business strategy. From our engineers to our service desk dispatchers and everyone in between, we’re invested in your business success.

  • No Surprises
    There are no hidden costs. You always know what to expect.

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