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Data Center Services

Fundamentally, data is a series of ones and zeros. Our enterprise class data center services offer improved storage, lightning fast application speed, energy efficiency, and greater value from your square footage to help you put those ones and zeros in the right place on your balance sheet.

Know that your data center is efficient and optimized with services like…


The value of technology can only be realized when the pieces work together in harmony.

For most companies, this simply isn’t the case. Our hyperconverged infrastructure model is game changing. By optimizing your data storage, computing, and networking, we help you get the most out of your technology investment.

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Improved ability to access data and applications is immediately apparent when companies implement SD-WAN.

Imagine having every application in your office running at top performance all the time. SD-WAN gives you the bandwidth to do that, giving you increased security and better value.

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Data storage should be an asset, not an afterthought.

Today’s companies can’t compete without efficient, secure, and user-friendly storage infrastructure. We offer enterprise class data center configurations that can give you back square footage while keeping your data safe and at your fingertips.

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Your organization has unique data storage and computing needs.

Our cloud services offer extraordinary flexibility when customizing a solution that perfectly suits your organization. Embracing cloud technology can simplify your managed services, streamline complicated infrastructure, and provide cost stability and savings.

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It's all about the network.

Constant connectivity is an assumption in the current business climate. If your network is down, you’re missing opportunities. It’s a simple as that. We can make sure your network is efficient, highly available, and secure.

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Looking for a game-changer?

Our hyperconverged infrastructure model streamlines your data storage, computing, and networking to create impressive results and great value. We combine your servers and storage within a single interface forming a more efficient architecture and freeing up some physical space in your office. Hyperconverged infrastructure also saves time through software-based management enabling your team members to streamline their to-do lists by letting the software manage file and data storage.

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Reject high costs, inconsistent security, and poor performance by implementing SD-WAN.

We deliver greater security and eliminate application outages with SD-WAN (Software-Defined Wide Area Network). This means optimized performance for applications like Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365), Salesforce, AWS, Azure, and more. SD-WAN technology allows secure, efficient traffic routed between branch offices and data centers. Clients who implement SD-WAN see lower costs, greater bandwidth, and have an easier time setting up and managing their network.

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Future-proof your business with state-of-the-art storage solutions that deliver strong performance and cost-savings.

We provide long and short term storage solutions through on-demand or contracted servers housed in fully staffed, enterprise class data centers. Our highly redundant infrastructure backs-up your data and ensures instant, reliable access to your resources.

If you aren’t ready to take production into the cloud, our disaster recovery services replicate your servers to provide restoration capabilities at a fraction of the cost. We can also preserve your data through backup vaulting—digitally creating a safe, recoverable copy of your data, eliminating the outdated physical clutter of tapes or disks.

For applications or data that aren’t suitable for the cloud, Kelser can co-locate your existing physical servers or private cloud in one of our data centers. We’re able to provide all the benefits of a hardened data center with the flexibility of owning your own equipment.

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Cloud computing is more than a buzzword.

Cloud services have the flexibility and agility your business needs as it grows, evolves, and scales.

Our comprehensive cloud services are designed to meet your organization’s unique data storage and computing needs, creating cost savings, and providing greater flexibility.

We can simplify managed services by hosting applications like SharePoint, Exchange, Skype, and others—giving you fully featured products while streamlining complicated infrastructure and cutting costs.

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You’re only as fast as your network allows you to be.

As the conduit for the flow of information throughout your organization, your network needs to be well-managed and secure. We can protect your network from external and internal threats using our multi-layered approach. We track movement of data in and out of the organization while monitoring data exchanges to provide comprehensive protection. Our advanced network monitoring allows you to detect network problems and remedy them before they affect your operations, increasing productivity and preserving business continuity.

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Success Story

Building a New England law firm's modern data center

Minimizing the expense of meeting new security requirements


They now have a fully-functional, software defined data center, which meets regulatory requirements and is also easier to backup, replicate for disaster recovery, manage and maintain. It is foundational for future growth and expansion.

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