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Minimizing the expense of meeting new security requirements

Building a Connecticut-based law firm's modern data center.

Technology and business requirements are constantly evolving. A Connecticut law firm had a relatively new storage system that didn't meet its new security requirements.

How could the firm minimize its expense, while choosing new technology that would serve both its immediate needs and anticipate future tech demands?

Kelser was able to help the client modernize their data center, by introducing the newly required features through virtualization and reusing existing servers and the existing storage system. It was a significantly less expensive option than replacing the storage system, and it set a foundational footing for future data center modernization and capabilities, such as disaster recovery.

Kelser had a fresh idea that allowed the firm to maintain their existing investment, add extra capability to their environment, and meet their business objectives. By focusing on the business problem, we thought about how to solve it, rather than just jumping into the obvious solution (such as just replacing the storage systems).

The firm protected its existing investment, saved on upfront costs and data migration services and is now on a much better path for data center modernization. We also used our mentored approach for implementation, so the law firm understands how the environment is configured. They have a fully-functional, software defined data center, which meets regulatory requirements and is also easier to backup, replicate for disaster recovery, manage and maintain. It is foundational for future growth and expansion.

For a company of any size, if you have a non-virtualized environment, you might be surprised as to how cost-effective it can be with additional capability. Give us a call early in your requirements process. In this case, a non-related business requirement is what ultimately drove the virtualization decision and saved the firm money.

How Can A Modernized Data Center Help Your Business?

You've seen how it helped this Connecticut law firm expand the capabilities of their current environment while hitting compliance standards it hadn't before. Now see how it can enable your success.

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