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Industry-Leading IT Support Services For Insurance Companies And Agencies

Managing risk is at the core of any insurance organization, and data drives risk management. We provide our clients with the most robust IT infrastructure needed to protect their data, their clients, and their business. We optimize data storage, accessibility, and security while making sure our clients’ employees have the tools they need to succeed.

What our services look like for...

IT Managers
Independent Insurance Agencies
IT Procurement

Many insurance companies have a sprawling workforce with diverse needs.

Know that you're not alone in handling complex fulfillment requirements and custom configured projects. We can readily manage a broad range of end-user needs which streamlines IT deployment at any scale.

You're an expert in insurance, but maybe not technology.

However, you know technology is essential to your business. Depending on your needs, you can turbocharge your in-house IT staff or Kelser can serve as your entire IT department, taking it completely off your plate. Both routes provide technology advantages such as preventative maintenance, top-notch cybersecurity, emergency response, and long-term planning made affordable for local agencies of all sizes.

Simplify your day by bringing details into focus, eliminating guesswork, and having the tech you need when you need it.

With our customized online storefront you can order your specific IT products at will without having to customize orders and items each time.

Kelser has more than 30 years of experience working with some of the largest insurance firms in the world.

Our focus on the insurance industry has grown organically over the decades, as we continue to earn our clients’ trust through stellar execution and rapid delivery. This practice has led to long-lasting relationships with our insurance clients who have become our biggest champions.

To them, we’re more than an IT vendor. Extensive experience in the industry enables us to be strategic partners making sure they have technology in place that is optimized to meet their business objectives.

Insurers exist to reduce worry and protect against disaster. We approach IT the same way.

Insurance companies increasingly rely on technology to the point that insurance jobs are now often classified as tech jobs, propelling Hartford to become a top city in the country for tech careers. Our mission is to eliminate IT headaches so that technology moves our insurance clients forward and never holds them back.

Using a cradle-to-grave methodology, we manage every step of the procurement, configuration, delivery, and installation process. Complex deployments are our specialty, and we take pride in getting your equipment to you rapidly, customized, and ready-to-use.

As time goes on, we make maintenance and replacement seamless. Throughout every stage, cybersecurity is top of mind for our team to make sure your defenses are as strong as they can be.

Our IT Consulting Process for Insurers

A nimble, high-touch approach allows us to understand your needs and evolve with you.

We create flexible IT solutions specifically designed for each individual client to optimize their storage, network, servers, infrastructure, and budget.

We've made a science of developing and deploying infrastructure ideal for insurance companies that not only torch the speed of traditional server and storage configurations, but also allow for state-of-the-art cloud storage that keeps data safe and enables it to be recovered in mere moments. Insurance companies that work with Kelser stop viewing technology as a problem solver, and start thinking of it as an engine to drive the future of the industry.

Success Story

Network design and onsite support keeps PGA event on track

Virtual Private Network (VPN) provides stable data access and file sharing to the Travelers Championship


“Kelser has mastered the intricacies of our unique setup as a small business. They continually come up with new and innovative ways to solve our most challenging issues. Their support team could not be more responsive or efficient.”

Nathan Grube, Executive Director


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