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Blog Feature

Cybersecurity | In the Media | News

By: Jonathan Stone
December 6th, 2019

Simply having or transmitting data is a risk. It’s often a necessary risk—companies have to store and share data constantly in order to do business—but it’s important to remember that if something is deleted or isn’t shared, it’s much less likely to fall into the wrong hands. This is something we talk about with our cybersecurity clients throughout Connecticut on a regular basis. Part of our process is to take stock of who they are sharing data with and why. If there’s not a reason to be sharing a particular type of data with a particular party, then not sharing it cuts down on risk of it being breached at some point. If data isn’t in use anymore, deleting it eliminates something a hacker could get a hold of.

Blog Feature

Cybersecurity | In the Media

By: Brian Mulligan
November 21st, 2019

Connecticut-based Starling Physicians, which operates 32 locations in the greater Hartford area, announced a data breach this month linked to a cyber attack dating back to February. When we first learned of this breach, we were discussing it around the office and quickly learned that three Kelser employees are parents of kids who are patients at a Starling practice. NBC Connecticut stopped by our office both to hear from these parents and for insights on cybersecurity from me.


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Blog Feature

Cybersecurity | Executive Consulting

By: Adam Stahl
October 30th, 2019

In case you haven’t heard, October is National Cybersecurity Awareness Month! Perhaps you’ve already checked out some tips and best practices to help keep you more secure. If you haven’t, not to worry as we have you covered with a roundup of tips and resources from our experts. If you have, you might find additional valuable cybersecurity awareness info below!

Blog Feature

Managed Services

By: Jonathan Stone
October 10th, 2019

Over time, you’ve noticed some of the classic signs that you need extra help with your organization’s IT function: You’re struggling to hire someone with the skills or expertise you require for a particular job. As employees fight to resolve the most critical IT problems, your routine low-level maintenance activities are falling by the wayside. There’s limited bandwidth to work on long-term strategic projects that can bring more value to your business.

Blog Feature

Cybersecurity | Executive Consulting | Workforce Enablement | In the Media

By: Brian Mulligan
October 1st, 2019

I recently had the chance to help Reader’s Digest update an article titled “11 Things IT Professionals Don’t Want You To Know”. It’s no secret that IT is a little misunderstood. Part of our mission at Kelser is to connect IT strategy to the overall business strategy of our clients. When integrated into the company as a whole, IT can be a major business enabler, helping achieve goals across the business. It starts with viewing IT as more than fixing things when they break.

Blog Feature


By: Lisa Carroll
September 25th, 2019

Last week’s 23rd annual Kelser Charity Challenge set a new fundraising record for the event with a projected $28,000 raised for the Hospital for Special Care’s Center for Cognitive Health.

Blog Feature

Executive Consulting | Managed Services

By: George W Kudelchuk III
September 19th, 2019

Technology plays an increasingly crucial role in organizations of all sizes and industries. That’s one reason why 89 percent of companies expect their IT budgets to grow or stay the same in the next year. However, when times get tough and businesses need to cut corners, the IT department is often among the first targets for cost reduction.

Blog Feature

Managed Services

By: Patty Luxton
September 11th, 2019

As a managed services provider in Connecticut, we often get asked about the pros and cons of having internal or outsourced IT services. There are benefits to both, but the right decision usually comes down to the specific needs of the individual organization.