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IT Support Services For The Financial Leaders Of Today And Tomorrow

Data is the heart of finance. Except for the money in the teller’s drawer, information is everything in the financial industry. By working with us as your IT consulting partner, the way data is stored, accessed, and secured can be optimized to create a superior customer experience and user-friendly workplace.

What our services look like for...

Chief Information Officers
Compliance Directors
IT Procurement

With new integrations and tools emerging all the time, it can be challenging to stay on top of what’s best for your organization.

We work with financial firms to identify tech opportunities worth pursuing, and how they can fit with technology currently in place that still has valuable lifespan.

The financial industry is already among the most heavily regulated, and the rules for data and privacy are evolving.

With our guidance, financial institutions can implement IT strategies that can easily adjust with regulatory changes.

We eliminate guesswork and provide the tech you need when you need it.

Our clients in the finance industry appreciate the ability to predictably average IT costs over time.

From regional banks to local mortgage brokers, we have a deep understanding of the regulatory climate and technology challenges of the financial industry.

Our team has decades of experience working with some of the largest financial institutions and investment firms based in Connecticut, as well as independent service providers specializing in financial transactions. We’re able to see all sides of the situation and provide comprehensive, cohesive solutions that help our financial industry clients compete at the top of their field.


Technology Can Be Your Greatest Asset

From preventing disasters, to streamlining day-to-day work, we make IT a competitive advantage for finance firms.

As the financial industry becomes fully digital, portability of a financial firm’s IT environment is essential. We enable team members to access the same information and tools that they would in the office securely from anywhere in the world. Hardware arrives perfectly configured for the individual user and ready to connect effortlessly.

Similarly, when disaster strikes, your customers expect their financial providers to be their rock. They need you to be there to facilitate funding to get them back up and running after a blizzard or hurricane, for instance so you can be there for them. We help you reduce downtime and hit your recovery targets. This also helps you meet your agreement requirements with other financial institutions and regulators.

Finally, it goes without saying that security is paramount in the financial industry. Kelser has the most robust cybersecurity offering on the market. Security is woven into everything we do, particularly in a high-target industry such as financial services.

Success Story

Maintaining business flow during a major technology transition

Seamless staged deployment brings block purchase of desktops online in less than two months for Webster Bank.


Connecticut-based Webster Bank was undertaking a large-scale hardware refresh. But to maintain normal business operations during their transition they needed the help of their trusted IT consultant. Learn how Kelser seamlessly transitioned Webster Bank to their new hardware without a hitch.

Webster Bank

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