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While we all bring different skills to Kelser, there are a few traits that all biznologists share—a love of technology, a curiosity for what’s yet to be discovered and an enthusiasm for helping our clients grow their business with the solutions we create for them.

What our employees are saying

“In my 32 years at Kelser, I have held several positions learning new things with each move. I feel like I have grown up here. Kelser management fosters ingenuity, individualism, and growth – both personal and professional. This makes Kelser a perfect place for me to excel.“

– Lisa Carroll, Vice President, Revenue


 “I really enjoy my time here. There is a welcoming atmosphere when you enter the building. You can see the difference compared to other companies that Kelser has a relaxed, yet productive environment. I appreciate the variety of team building events that are hosted throughout the year. Whether it’s a charity event, or just enjoying some workplace camaraderie, it’s time well spent with your co-workers. Kelser is a place that you can grow as a person and within the company all while making you feel like part of the family.“

– Billy Ehmke,  Customer Support Specialist


“I love my job! Throughout my 28 years, I’ve been learning and growing every day. Our fast pace environment, lends itself to going above and beyond to satisfy our customers. We will go to the ends of the earth to please our customers. We want them coming back time and time again so we can meet their needs.“

– Brigid Guinan, Inside Sales Representative


“Driving to work early in the morning isn’t so bad when you know you’re driving to Kelser. We have a wonderful family-like atmosphere where I feel significant without feeling overwhelmed. With a healthy balance of work and play, Kelser keeps me on my toes ready for the next challenge! There isn’t a better place to be in my mind. We have a respectful, fun and ambitious leadership team creating a great blend of positive energy and encouragement. People here know that doing the little things lead to the greater success for all involved."

– Devin Kelly, Vice President, Relationships


“It is the people who make Kelser such a great place to work. Starting from President, Kelser maintains a family-like culture which translates in to the care we are able to provide to our customers. Management is committed to supporting me in my role, as well as my growth and success within the company.“

– Jeff Trauschke, Manager, Customer Support


"Most people I know don’t look forward going to work in the morning. I can honestly say that isn’t the case for me. Having been with Kelser for over 25 years, shows both Kelser’s commitment to me as an employee and my commitment back to Kelser in return. As with many of my co-workers, Kelser’s culture is very friendly, open and family like. I feel like there is a great balance of 'work hard, play hard' here."

- Rob Backus, Systems Engineer