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IT Consulting for Tomorrow’s Colleges and Universities

Technology plays a critical role in every institution’s future. We ensure that IT is propelling the institution toward its potential without standing in its way. Our IT consulting approach takes all of this into account as well as the specific character, goals, and history of the schools we work with. 

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Institutions of higher learning have technology needs unlike any other type of organization.

In order to prepare students to succeed, colleges and universities count on technology to facilitate collaboration and communication without compromising security. In addition, changes in the higher education industry make it more important than ever for institutions in Connecticut and beyond to operate efficiently and stay competitive.

Our IT Consulting Process for Education

Creating a Digital Campus that Works

With the speed at which technology evolves today, it’s no longer effective for colleges & universities to play catch up periodically.

We design and implement systems that make staying up-to-date seamless and effortless so that institutions of higher learning can focus on education rather than IT logistics.

Working in conjunction with the IT staff at the institution, we ensure that the technology needs of students, faculty and staff are met as cost effectively and simply as possible. We understand that connectivity and network uptime are crucial for modern colleges & universities engaged in research, distance learning, and simply providing a high-quality student experience.

Finally, our IT consulting practice stays ahead of cyber threats that target the higher education industry. We guide schools in managing a digital culture that is open and accessible to the community of the institution without placing it at risk.

Success Story

Virtualized desktops transform learning

Modernizing Manchester Community College's technology to improve the student experience.


Manchester Community College in Connecticut was looking to improve their student experience and bolster their technology. Learn how Kelser helped transform MCC into a more technically advanced college and drive success through virtualization and expert IT consulting.


How Can IT Consulting Move Your Education Institution Forward?

Reading about how we've helped other schools can only tell you so much.

We'd love to learn more about the specific roadblocks that could be holding your school back and discover together how we can remove them to get your school moving towards your goals. Get started by completing the form so we can reach out to you.