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Get the cybersecurity technology, training, and expertise your business needs to defend your company’s reputation and future.

We Help Make Your Business Safer With…

Proactive protection
Real-time detection
Incident response

We take a defense in depth approach to protecting your organization.

We help keep bad actors out of your network with tools like next-gen firewalls, antivirus software, and malware protection, as well as encryption that protects your data if it does fall into the wrong hands. We also provide managed security awareness training programs that help your employees better protect your business and data.

Regular assessments and persistent network monitoring provides visibility into any security holes and vulnerabilities.

If vulnerabilities are found, we can remediate them before they become a liability. This helps achieve compliance with regulations such as NIST, CMMC and HIPAA. We conduct penetration tests and simulated social engineering attacks to verify that your business is resilient in the face of threats.

In the event of a breach, our rapid-response teams move quickly to remediate the vulnerability and halt the attack in its tracks.

We perform after-the-fact forensics in order to discover the exact root causes of the problem and address them immediately. Our clients are notified of the issue as soon as possible, and we remain in constant communication throughout the process.

Success Video - Empire Industries

Local manufacturer Empire Industries was struck by a ransomware attack.

They reached out to Kelser to assist with the remediation but found so much more in the ongoing partnership.

See how Empire Industries improved their cybersecurity and reduced IT downtime with managed cybersecurity and vCIO services.

HubSpot Video


Lowering Business Risk

They say that the best defense is a good offense—and with each data breach costing U.S. companies $7.91 million on average, you simply can’t afford to be the next target.

By partnering with our team of security experts, you’re taking proactive steps to defend your company from cyber catastrophe.

Our offering includes everything you need to battle against crippling cyber attacks. Every client is unique: after assessing your objectives and risk profile, we provide the services and offerings that best fit your business requirements. We prioritize dangerous gaps in your security that may be leaving you unaware and exposed.

Establishing a Robust Security Posture

By establishing a multilayered security posture using common best practices for your organization, you can inoculate yourself against a variety of attacks.

Any purely reactive cybersecurity strategy is likely to fail at some point: the bad guys will always be one step ahead in finding new ways to infiltrate your network. 

We help you navigate the many ways you can bolster your cybersecurity posture, from monitoring and maintenance to incident response, and more. We give you the flexibility and versatility that your business needs, now and into the future.

Success Story

Cybersecurity-as-a-Service provides manufacturer’s IT systems with efficient, continuous protection

Empire Industries, a third generation manufacturing business, had not upgraded its IT security since its initial installation.


By using state-of-the-art security products that did not require customization, Kelser improved Empire’s cybersecurity posture in a short 3-week time frame, and added little to no complexity to the system.


No-Obligation Cybersecurity Study

Find vulnerabilities before hackers do and protect your network against cyber attacks with our no cost, no risk security study.

We will perform a cybersecurity study to give you insights into some critical aspects of your IT security including potential vulnerabilities, business processes, technical network traffic, and current threats in your environment.

After reviewing the information, we will identify potential vulnerabilities and rank them from high to low in importance as well as provide suggestions for improvement. You will receive actionable recommendations on how to improve your IT security based on your unique business needs.

This offer is limited to one per organization.