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Get the cybersecurity technology, training, and expertise your business needs to defend your company’s reputation and future.

Cybersecurity Best Practices Protect Your Organization From:

  Data breaches and hacks

  Security gaps that put client information at risk

  Ransomware attacks

  Phishing and other social engineering incidents

  Damaged business reputation

  Legal repercussions

  Financial losses

Business disruption and costly downtime

Stay Ahead of Cyber Threats With A Vulnerability Scan

Don't wait for a cyber attack to happen.

A vulnerability scan is an essential tool that will help your organization identify and determine possible gaps in security that could expose your network and devices to hackers.

With cyber threats on the rise it is essential to know the critical security threats your business faces today to ensure that your organization's data remains safe.

Watch the video to learn more about how a vulnerability scan can help protect your business.


Help Make Your Business Safer With...

Proactive protection
Real-time detection
Incident response

We take a multi-layered security approach to protecting your organization.

We keep your business and network safe with tools like:

  Next-gen firewalls

  Multi-factor authentication (MFA)

  Password managers

  Antivirus software and malware protection

  Encryption that protects your data

  Employee security awareness 

Regular assessments and persistent network monitoring provides visibility into any security holes and vulnerabilities.

  Vulnerabilities are remediated before they become a liability

  Compliance regulations such as NIST, CMMC and HIPAA are achieved

  Penetration tests and simulated social engineering attacks verify that your business is resilient in the face of threats

In the event of a breach, our rapid-response teams move quickly to remediate the vulnerability and halt the attack in its tracks.

  You will be notified of the issue as soon as possible, and we remain in constant communication throughout the remediation process

  We perform after-the-fact forensics in order to discover the exact root causes of the problem and address them immediately, so they are not an issue in the future


Is Your Business Safe From The Latest Cyber Threats?

Start protecting your company in 3 easy steps with a cybersecurity scan

Claim Your Security Study

Not Ready To Schedule A Cybersecurity Study?

Use this free self guided security checklist to help your organization:


        ✔️Understand where your cybersecurity policy needs improving

             ✔️Identify actions you can take now to secure your company's data

          ✔️Ensure you are following the latest cybersecurity best practices

Get Your Cybersecurity Checklist

Understanding What You Need For Cybersecurity Insurance

Wondering if you have the right technology tools in place to qualify for cybersecurity liability insurance? Here are some of the tools we provide to help you prepare:

1. Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

MFA is a security tool that requires users to provide multiple pieces of identification before they can access an application, website, or other IT service, providing another layer of security for your infrastructure.  

2. Employee Security Awareness Training

Employees can be your greatest security asset or your weakest link. Employee security awareness training uses a regularly scheduled series of training modules to keep employees up to date on the latest cybersecurity tactics and tricks. 

3. Data Backups

In the event of a cyber breach, data backups are used to restore the data from a point in time before the original data became lost or corrupted. The better tailored and more easily accessible, the quicker and more effectively the data can be restored yielding minimal downtime.  

4. Vulnerability Scans

IT vulnerability scans determine possible gaps in security (such as gaps in software versions, missing patches, or out-of-date protocols) that could expose your network and devices to hacks to make sure your organization is at the lowest possible level of risk. 

5. Penetration Testing

A penetration test is a hands-on, manual investigation typically conducted by an external IT professional. It's an ethical cyberattack that you authorize to be carried out on your network to discover potential vulnerabilities and explore what would happen if existing vulnerabilities were exploited by a person with malicious intent. 

6. Monitoring/Patching

Software needs to be continually monitored, patched, and updated to ensure critical security and performance issues are addressed. To qualify for cyber insurance, you will likely need a robust plan in place to actively manage monitoring and patching. 

7. Virtual Private Network

Virtual private networks (VPNs) encrypt your incoming and outgoing information, making it less likely that a hacker can access your identity or data. VPNs are not hacker-proof, but used in conjunction with other security tools, they provide an additional layer of protection.  

Success Video - Empire Industries

Local manufacturer Empire Industries was struck by a ransomware attack.

They reached out to Kelser to assist with the remediation but found so much more in the ongoing partnership.

See how Empire Industries improved their cybersecurity and reduced IT downtime with managed cybersecurity and vCIO services.


Make Cybersecurity A Priority And Lower Your Business Risk

They say that the best defense is a good offense. With new cybersecurity threats emerging each day and causing many companies to fail within 6 months of a data breach, you need to stay ahead of the game. You simply can’t afford to be the next target.

Hackers will always be one step ahead in finding new ways to infiltrate your network, so reactive cybersecurity is no longer enough to protect your network and data.

Proactive steps like network monitoring, mobile device management, and password managers are no longer extras, but critical components of a comprehensive cybersecurity approach that keeps your business safe.

Every client is unique: after assessing your objectives and risk profile, we provide the services and offerings that best fit your business requirements. We prioritize dangerous gaps in your security that may be leaving you unaware and exposed.

Success Story

Cybersecurity-as-a-Service provides manufacturer’s IT systems with efficient, continuous protection

Empire Industries, a third generation manufacturing business, had not upgraded its IT security since its initial installation.


By using state-of-the-art security products that did not require customization, Kelser improved Empire’s cybersecurity posture in a short 3-week time frame, and added little to no complexity to the system.


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