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Cybersecurity-as-a-Service provides manufacturer’s IT systems with efficient, continuous protection

Defend Forward secures Empire Industries from evolving external and internal threats.

Empire Industries, a third generation manufacturing business, had not upgraded its IT security since its initial installation.

A data breach prompted the company to contact the Kelser team for an assessment of its current technology.

Kelser determined that the cybersecurity posture of the company needed to be modernized to address both the nature of current threats and the time consuming processes that the current system required of the IT staff.

Kelser’s solution, modeled on industry best practices, was to implement a design that would defend Empire’s system in layers. Adding internal protection, as well as enhancing the edge protection, provided the most technically appropriate and cost effective way to improve the company’s cybersecurity posture.

Cybersecurity-as-a-Service solution, in this case, Kelser's Defend Forward was recommended to enhance the protection of the environment and reduce the burden on IT staff. AMP for Endpoints added an additional layer to their existing anti-virus platform, and OpenDNS was introduced to prevent inappropriate browsing. A new firewall solution added a new layer 7 application level view into data going out onto the internet.

By using state-of-the-art security products that did not require customization, Kelser improved Empire’s cybersecurity posture in a short 3-week time frame, and added little to no complexity to the system.

Technology infrastructure is critical to success in nearly every industry and protecting it should be as much a priority as having locks on the front door. Along with a business plan, every company needs an incident response plan, a business continuity plan, and a disaster recovery plan. Cybersecurity enhancements help ease incident response as well as recovery in the face of an unexpected event.

How Can Defend Forward Help Your Business?

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