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IT Support Services For Construction Firms In The Office And At The Jobsite

Just as any construction job is a collaboration between general contractors, electricians, plumbers, and more, we’re a flexible and vital part of your team. Whether your firm needs an expert to evaluate and optimize the big picture of your IT environment, or if you need a particular challenge or opportunity addressed, we can help you elevate your game and increase your success through better use of technology.

What our services look like for...

Chief Financial Officers

The construction company of the future truly understands and leverages technology.

While that may seem daunting to take on yourself, we routinely help contractors prioritize IT initiatives and form long-term strategies.

The size of a contractor’s team often ebbs and flows based on demand.

Your firm’s technology needs can do the same. We help construction industry clients rapidly scale or trim their IT systems to keep overhead low.

Winning bids is a numbers game, and you likely have a tool to help you automate the process and make it efficient.

We can identify possible weak points, allowing you to streamline the process further and integrate job costing with the rest of your IT.

For an industry that creates the physical landscape, contractors have an increasingly complex digital life.

From automated estimating, to collaborating on plans and blueprints, to 3D scanning and printing, A/E/C firms rely on powerful PCs, storage systems, and networks. However, these tools don’t often interact as well as they could. We help construction firms maximize return on their technology investment by making sure all pieces of the IT puzzle fit together in a way that works for the people using the tech.

Building Tech

Technology is the Foundation of Tomorrow’s Contractors

Get the most out of your technology tools and your team with an IT strategy that brings it all together.

The ability to have access to the same tools and information on a tablet or phone remotely that you would at your desk is quickly becoming the construction industry standard. We can design and implement portable and accessible IT systems on a flexible basis. Pre-configured devices arrive as-needed, ready to connect in the field with the same capability and security as a desktop in the office.

While mobility is key for construction firms, so is the ability to manipulate, access, and store large amounts of data. Construction firms require beefier network and storage capability than an average business. We help our clients gauge their need and deploy just the right amount of capacity to make sure IT systems are running reliably and within budget. We execute projects independently on behalf of our clients, or in conjunction with existing IT staff—whatever the situation requires.

Finally, with employees in the field, and sensitive information routinely transmitted and stored, construction companies have above-average needs for cybersecurity, but may not be properly protected. Kelser makes cybersecurity extremely simple and cost-effective, even in complex IT environments like those of most construction firms.

Success Story

Remote access solution puts builder's office at the jobsite

How a construction management company used IT consulting to give them a competitive advantage.


A Connecticut-based construction management firm was being held back by their aging IT infrastructure. Learn how Kelser revolutionized their IT environment with benefits like remote access at their jobsites and turned their IT infrastructure into a business asset.

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