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Devin Kelly

Devin is vice president of relationships at Kelser. He brings valuable hands-on experience from his many roles over the years at Kelser. Putting himself in the the place of our clients, he knows the importance of a timely response.

Blog Feature

IT Support

By: Devin Kelly
September 7th, 2021

You come in to work bright and early, ready to tackle the day, but you can’t connect to the internet. Or you open Excel to update your company’s Very Important Spreadsheet and find it missing. 

Blog Feature

Working with Kelser

By: Devin Kelly
May 5th, 2021

Even with managed services proactively addressing your technology problems, you’ll still need technical support from time to time. Whether you’re a new employee at one of our clients wondering how to get your problem fixed, curious as to what it would be like to use Kelser as your help desk, or just wondering how it all works, you’ve come to the right place. One of the perks of a managed services agreement with Kelser is that you get unlimited technical support and an entire staff of certified professionals to solve your issues.


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