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Devin Kelly

By: Devin Kelly on June 02, 2023

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What Does Kelser's Employee Security Awareness Training Include?

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Employee cybersecurity awareness training is one of the most often overlooked and cost-effective cybersecurity tools. Approximately 90 percent of cyber attacks are attributed to human error, making security awareness a vital cybersecurity asset. 

After all, how can you expect employees to protect you from the latest cyber threats if they don’t know what they are, how to recognize them, or how to report suspicious activity?

In this article, we’ll answer all of your questions about employee cybersecurity awareness training. We’ll explain what it is, who needs it, why it’s important, how much you can expect to pay, and what Kelser’s employee cybersecurity awareness training offering includes

As a managed IT services provider, we work with companies across a broad spectrum of industries. One of the key services we provide as part of our managed IT offering is employee cybersecurity awareness training. 

Having said that, don’t worry - we don’t have a hidden agenda. We aren’t here to convince you to work with us. Instead, we want to provide unbiased, honest information you can use to find the best technology solutions for your organization. 

What Is Employee Cybersecurity Awareness Training? 

To be effective, employee cybersecurity awareness training must be ongoing. Security is not a “set it and forget it” exercise. The best training includes an ongoing series of engaging, educational modules that keep cybersecurity threats at top of mind. 

Different organizations may offer remote and in-person options. (Kelser has selected KnowBe4 as our best-in-class option. We’ve found that this remote option is a cost-effective and comprehensive solution not only for our customers, but for our own organization as well.)

The training is designed to keep employees informed about the latest tactics of cyber criminals and teach them how to report suspicious activity

Who Needs Employee Cybersecurity Awareness Training? 

Every employee needs cybersecurity awareness training whether they use computers in their everyday activity or not. Here’s why: many tactics used to gain access to sensitive data involve actions that don’t require computers to implement

For example, maybe one of your employees holds the door open for someone who looks like a delivery driver with their arms full. While that may show good manners, it also is a tactic hackers often use to gain access to your facility and possibly your data. 

Or maybe someone calls your business to find out the name of your company’s president so they can create an urgent email requesting that someone within your organization wire money to cover an immediate expense. 

No matter the size of your business, every employee benefits from cybersecurity awareness training

How Does Employee Cybersecurity Awareness Training Help Keep Your Data & Infrastructure Safe?  

Think of it this way: would you expect an employee to operate hazardous manufacturing equipment without providing safety training?

As we mentioned earlier, approximately 90 percent of successful hacks are the result of human error.

Employee cybersecurity awareness provides a cost-effective way to provide your employees with the tools they need to become a strong human firewall. When they know what suspicious activities to look for and how to report them, they can help keep your data and infrastructure safe.   

How Much Does Employee Cybersecurity Awareness Training Cost?

As with any product or service, the cost depends. Some factors that affect cost include the number of employees in your organization, the kind of training you select, the frequency, and whether or not you manage the training in-house

Most organizations pay around $5 monthly per user for fully managed, remote employee cybersecurity awareness training. Other options are available at prices ranging from $1 to $7.   

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What Does Kelser’s Employee Cybersecurity Awareness Training Offering Include? 

Kelser has selected KnowBe4 as our best-in-class employee cybersecurity awareness training solution. (We believe so strongly in this solution that we use it for our own employees, too!)

This comprehensive training comprises automated, remote modules delivered to every employee monthly via email. This frequency keeps security top of mind. The topics covered include ransomware, social engineering tactics, the importance of strong passwords, and other current and emerging cyber threats

Each module takes 5 to 15 minutes for an employee to complete and includes evaluation questions to ensure that the concepts covered are fully understood. 

KnowBe4 also offers simulated phishing attacks to test how well your employees would respond to a real threat.   

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How Is Kelser’s Employee Cybersecurity Awareness Training Provided? 

We provide KnowBe4 employee security awareness training that meets the needs of our customers either as part of our fully managed IT solution or by providing a license that customers use to manage their own training schedule. 

So what does each option look like? 

1. Managed Cybersecurity Awareness Training

When employee cybersecurity awareness training is included as part of our comprehensive managed IT support services, we manage the entire process with input from the customer about the specific training schedule and which modules are most pertinent for their employees. 

A Kelser team member coordinates the licenses, sets up the customer’s training sessions (including content and distribution dates), arranges phishing emails, adds and removes users, and generates and schedules reminders for each user who doesn’t complete the training. 

In addition, each employee’s participation is tracked and reported to the customer’s internal process owner to validate training module completion. 

2. Self-Administered Awareness Training

Some customers prefer to manage their own awareness training. 

In these cases, Kelser buys and manages the licenses, while the customer handles all administrative tasks, including selecting and scheduling training sessions, monitoring completion, sending employee reminders, generating reports, and maintaining current distribution lists.  

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What’s The Bottom Line? 

After reading this article, you understand the added security value that employee awareness training provides. You know what it is, who needs it, and how it helps keep your data and infrastructure safe. 

We’ve explained why Kelser has selected KnowBe4 as our employee cybersecurity awareness training partner, but other options are available. Any option is better than nothing!

We’ve explored how much you can expect to pay and the specifics of Kelser’s employee security awareness offering. 

You may have the resources you need in-house to provide the awareness training employees can use to keep your information safe. Or, you may be considering working with an external service provider. 

Again, we aren’t here to convince you to work with us and we realize that managed IT support services aren't right for every business.

In fact, we always encourage organizations that are considering working with an outside IT provider to explore several options to ensure they find one that is the right fit for their business needs. 

One company can’t be everything to everyone, and if you meet with someone who says they have the perfect solution for you without asking about your business goals and industry, don’t believe it. 

If you have questions we can answer, or are wondering if Kelser is a good fit for you, reach out by clicking on the link below, and one of our IT solutions experts will schedule a call at your convenience. We'll chat about your technology pain points and your goals, so we can explore whether we’d be a good match to work together.

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