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Cybersecurity | IT Lifecycle Management | Networking | Business Continuity | Disaster Recovery | Managed Services | IT Support

By: Karen Cohen
February 21, 2023

Editor's note: This article was originally posted in 2018, but has been updated to include the most current information. 

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IT Lifecycle Management | Business Continuity

By: Jim Parise
June 03, 2022

As a business leader, you have a lot on your mind. Finances, staffing, deliverables, sales, and more. At least your IT infrastructure is working. One less thing to think about, right? Well…maybe, but maybe not. 


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Cybersecurity | IT Lifecycle Management | IT Support

By: Patty Luxton
September 15, 2021

When a firewall is working, it’s the last thing on your mind. But, did you know that most firewalls have a lifespan of three to five years?

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IT Lifecycle Management

By: Jim Parise
July 15, 2021

You’ve likely heard about or experienced the effects of the global supply chain disruption that we’re living through.

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IT Lifecycle Management | Executive Consulting | Working with Kelser

By: Matt Hoskin
May 11, 2021

You’ve consulted with an IT firm or managed service provider (MSP) and decided that a technology refresh could help your business. Your old Windows 7 workstations are limping along anyway and were creating security concerns on top of that. By switching from desktops to laptops you’re also meeting the needs of your more mobile workforce. But what now? You’re staring down a 30-workstation hardware refresh all at once. You already know that it’s a valuable and worthwhile investment. You’re just not sure what your options are for funding this IT purchase. You’re not alone in having these kinds of thoughts at this moment. Across my nearly two decades in finance and as Kelser’s vice president of finance, I’ve worked with a ton of businesses that are where you’re at right now. I’ve helped them navigate those unknowns to get them where they need to be.

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Modern Data Center | IT Lifecycle Management | Executive Consulting | Managed Services | In the Media | News | Cloud

By: Jonathan Stone
June 10, 2020

As businesses continue to struggle with the economic fallout of COVID-19, many leaders are looking for ways to reduce costs, including technology. When implemented strategically, technology is a business enabler—an investment, not an expense. However, it’s always good to eliminate inefficiencies or redundancies in the IT department whenever possible. I recently had the chance to contribute to a TechRepublic article called “CIOs: 8 ways to trim IT budgets”. My tip, which focuses on telecom costs, is number 6. Below is more detail on how companies can potentially find savings in the IT budget.

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Cybersecurity | IT Lifecycle Management | Managed Services

By: Adam Stahl
January 17, 2019

As technology relentlessly pushes forward, you and your organization will undoubtedly need to upgrade your hardware. However, you can’t simply forget about your old hardware while reaping the benefits of replacing it with the latest and greatest. You should be excited about the upgrade, but how will you transfer data from your old equipment to the new? How will you erase data from the original hardware?

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IT Lifecycle Management | Managed Services

By: Lisa Carroll
January 09, 2019

Software used to be such an adventure. Your company would buy a new program and then essentially be on your own to install it and learn how to use it. It might work out great, or it might be a frustrating fiasco. You bought it—it’s your problem now. Wisely, software companies have largely switched to a software-as-a-service model in which customers pay a recurring fee for use of software that is maintained and supported with customer service. Hardware is undergoing a similar transition with desktop-as-a-service, also known as device-as-a-service, or DaaS. Desktop-as-a-service shifts technology hardware from a capital expense to an operating cost. Rather than buying new computers and other technology in one large, up-front expense and then burdening your IT department with the massive task of setting them all up and maintaining them, a technology partner or managed service provider (MSP) will manage the assets for the entire lifespan.

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