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Simplifying and supporting remote medical work

Creating an efficient and flexible medical team for Jefferson Radiology.

When a doctor wants to work remotely, the technology requirements are far more complicated than simply bringing home a laptop.

Jefferson Radiology wanted to streamline the process of equipping its doctors and transcriptionists to work from home – a task that previously required two members of its help desk team; one to travel to the remote location to perform the actual install, and one to complete the setup back at the help desk.

Kelser brought efficiency, convenience and confidence to the process. A certified engineer traveled to doctors’ and transcriptionists’ homes in Connecticut and surrounding states to install the equipment at a convenient time for them. The solution brought all of the necessary technology from the hospital into their homes.

Multiple displays with additional peripherals allowed the medical staff to read and work with medical images such as X-rays and MRIs without ever having to leave home. This flexibility allows the doctors to feel confident that they have everything they need right at their fingertips.

Now that the remote solution is in place, Kelser’s team is available to advise and consult on any issues that may arise. Kelser procured and implemented the technology while having a full understanding of the required data privacy requirements, making Kelser an ideal partner for the healthcare company.

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