In 2016, companies worldwide paid over $500 million because of ransomware attacks.

When you include the cost of downtime caused by these attacks, the total loss to businesses is closer to $50 billion.

34% of victimized businesses reported losing revenue due to ransomware, while 20% had to stop operations completely in the aftermath of a successful data breach.

Ransomware is an epidemic that has the potential to create massive amounts of downtime. If you’re like most businesses, downtime is a disaster and you must be able to get things back up and running ASAP.

One way to negate some of those ill-effects of ransomware is with business continuity. If you’re not familiar with business continuity, the quick explanation is that it's a way to jump back in time to before a ransomware attack or other disaster - which greatly reduces the amount and costs of downtime.

In this free webinar, you will learn:

  • What Ransomware is and how it cost companies billions in 2016
  • What Business Continuity is and how it can combat Ransomware
  • How you can implement Business continuity in your company

Not only is Business Continuity a best practice but it's also good for your bottom line as well. Find out just how crucial business continuity can be by completing the form on the right and watching the webinar now. 

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Matt Kozloski

Matt Kozloski

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