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Email solution improves productivity while reducing expenses

Giving Proton OnSite the power to communicate as fast as its business moves.

Proton OnSite, a company that develops, delivers, installs and supports gas generation units on every continent, was relying on an aging and unsupported email system running on old technology infrastructure to communicate with clients and employees.

In addition to being difficult to use, their legacy system was unreliable and required significant time and money to maintain.

The company knew that a modern communication and productivity suite solution would provide advanced features and easier manageability but system design and migration complexity were a concern.

After consulting with the customer’s team on functionality requirements, Kelser recommended converting to Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365), which would provide the required technical upgrades as well as maintain the customization capabilities present in the current system. The subscription model allowed the customer to manage their budget in the short term while providing for expansion in the future.

Using a team approach to research and solution generation, and collaboration with the Proton OnSite team, Kelser designed an installation plan that provided an alternative to typical installations that take significant staff time, consuming their entire limited internet bandwidth during deployment.

Kelser maintained functionality throughout preparation and deployment, did not require the sales team to come to the office, and allowed customer staff to tackle their implementation tasks as work permitted within the project timeline. By simulating potential technical difficulties in the demo environment before installation, deployment was seamless and completed in just two months.

The Microsoft 365 solution has provided near perfect reliability for both in-office and remote access and, by eliminating the need for email hardware and software, resulted in a significant reduction in annual spending on infrastructure and maintenance. Now, the Proton OnSite IT team can spend its time on work central to the company’s objectives and trust that the email system is always up-to-date, supported, and helping move business forward.

How Can Updated IT Systems Help Your Business?

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