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Next-gen technology provides global network security

World-class security manages threats facing Connecticut-based modern global manufacturer's network.

Today, every global network faces unprecedented information security threats that could disrupt business and harm a company’s reputation.

A Connecticut-based global manufacturer of specialty engineered products wanted to improve their global security posture with best-of-breed solutions protecting them from modern threats.

Upgrading sites around the world meant navigating technical challenges, language barriers and, specifically in the security space, differing international privacy considerations. How do you modernize a business-critical, global network without disrupting business?

The Kelser team introduced centrally managed next-generation firewalls, across the global network, which can block and track threats in real time. Complimenting existing Internet edge routers with new firewalls brought deep visibility to identify threats, before they become major problems. The client can now block and identify threat trajectory across the corporate network, improving remediation time. Almost immediately, they began receiving alerts for questionable activity around the globe. They could “see” and act on potential threats on their corporate and global networks.

The client gained a new level of confidence in their own systems and ability to deliver business on-time from their secured network. Kelser’s expertise in both security and firewalls helped navigate a complex upgrade and migration process. We used our experience to assess the situation, give a real-world implementation plan, and then help our customer immediately see value from their investment.

If you are a Connecticut or Massachusetts-based business considering upgrading your network security, Kelser has several demo units we can put on-site, in passive mode, to just listen and alert on what the device “could have blocked.” At the very least, we can give you a point-in-time view of exactly what’s happening on your network. We’re more than happy to discuss your security requirements or help develop them with you. Call us early in the process.

How Can A Robust Cybersecurity Posture Help Your Business?

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