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IT strategy for staged implementation ensures virtually invisible email change

High-touch, no down-time email migration for Data-Mail.

An outdated, unsupported email system presents security and business continuity concerns. Like many companies, Data-Mail was operating on Microsoft Exchange 2003, a system released four years before the first iPhone.

The direct mail company needed to upgrade its email capabilities, with an understanding that email is a business critical function and the migration strategy had to be seamless.

The Kelser team focused on the end-user experience as we carefully migrated the workforce. We used Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365)/Hosted Exchange and the hybrid-mode migration methodology, which allowed us to stage migrations and carefully manage individual users to ensure a positive end-user experience from start to finish. Additionally, we implemented a single-sign-on solution with redundant infrastructure hosted in a cloud for rock-solid availability.

We really focused on ensuring the users were satisfied through the migration and impacted their day-to-day operations on a minimal level. It was critical to be as transparent as possible and provide as much desk-side support as needed. The design provided all the services and operational considerations Data-Mail wanted, but our specific approach allowed for a staged, high-touch, no-down-time migration with incredible flexibility.

As a result, their infrastructure is now a modern platform, meeting all security considerations/concerns and, because it’s hosted by Microsoft, it allows Data-Mail to focus on their business and its technical complexities instead of having an Exchange-specific admin on-staff. Adding new functionality as it becomes available is as simple as upgrading licenses and letting Microsoft handle upgrades and migrations, versus planning and designing an entire infrastructure.

If you have an aging, unsupported Exchange (or other email) environment, call Kelser for a cost-breakdown on what Microsoft 365 would look like, and what IT strategy you’ll need for the migration. You might be really surprised by how affordable and powerful it can be for your business.

How Can A Reliable, Up-to-Date Email System Help Your Business?

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