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Mentored platform implementation delivers peak efficiency for Connecticut-based medical device company

Co-creating and consulting on an IT solution with Beekley Corporation when plug-and-play wouldn't work.

Connecticut-based Beekley Corporation invests in the research and development of specialty products for medical imaging.

They were experiencing some IT challenges in the areas of performance, efficiencies and infrastructure with their existing vSphere environment. They knew they needed to upgrade to achieve peak efficiency and productivity, but with a small IT staff, decided to look to a partner who could help them navigate a project of this scope.

Beekley’s IT team had identified a Cisco UCS Mini as a possible server platform solution that would meet their needs but were looking for validation of their choice and assistance in implementation. They engaged Kelser to perform an initial discovery exercise, where we reviewed their existing vSphere environment, generated a comprehensive report, and made recommendations for next steps. After meeting with the team, receiving the discovery results, and discussing recommendations, Beekley determined that Kelser was the choice they trusted to help them with the project.

Running on UCS Mini has improved the way Beekley runs their business. The automation capabilities are more flexible and efficient, and allow for future scalability. Kelser was also able to integrate the NetApp storage system that Beekley already had in place, eliminating the need for unnecessary expenditures on new storage hardware. Through the mentored, hands-on UCS Mini implementation project with Kelser, Beekley’s IT department gained confidence in their capabilities and learned how to handle routine operations in the environment going forward.

Many clients don’t have the time and resources to manage all of their technology needs alone. Kelser serves as an extension of your own IT department, providing support, consulting, advice and sometimes manpower when needed. We work with our clients from the beginning; evaluating options, through procurement, and then finally deployment, so you can be confident that your chosen solution will enable positive outcomes for your business.

How Can IT Consulting Help Your Business?

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