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Cloud hosting frees up valuable time for customers and staff

Cloud-hosted infrastructure made sense for VeraCore - does it make sense for your business?

Technology is at the heart of software company VeraCore’s business.

As the company was considering large capital investments for new hardware for its co-location site and expense increases to support the new gear, as well looking to enhance their disaster recovery (DR) capabilities, VeraCore engaged Kelser to explore a cloud-hosted alternative that included disaster recovery capabilities.

To find the right solution, they needed a partner that would take the time to understand their requirements and their business. We worked with VeraCore to migrate them to a solution that leaves their business better positioned for the future, while reducing their monthly expense load.

Working as an extension of VeraCore’s staff, the Kelser team evaluated multiple cloud-hosted alternatives. We recommended one that would meet their technical requirements, avoid capital investments and allow them to scale up their environment more easily. It also offered a more predictable cost structure and replication based DR to an alternate cloud site. Kelser then assisted in the migration from the co-location environment to the cloud environment, troubleshooting technical complexities that came up during the migration. As problems were identified, we worked with VeraCore to solve them—always communicating our best understanding of the issues. Once the environment was up and running in the cloud, Kelser also assisted VeraCore in testing the new DR capability.

Beyond capital savings and enhanced DR capability, moving to the cloud also made sense for their business. VeraCore has created a comprehensive software package that enables fulfillment companies, commercial printers, 3PLs and e-tailers to manage their fulfillment operations with a flexible, cost-effective solution that combines an order management system, a warehouse management system and a business management system. More and more of VeraCore’s customers prefer that VeraCore hosts the application for them, freeing up the customer to run their business, rather than supporting additional IT infrastructure. By moving to a cloud solution, VeraCore has been able to on-board additional hosted customers. They’re also out of the business of managing the hardware that the hosted environment runs on, freeing up their staff’s time for more high-value work. As VeraCore grows, they are now positioned to nimbly scale their environment up, with minimal lead time and no capital investment, only a change in monthly billing.

If technology is a bottleneck in your business, there may be ways that a cloud-hosted solution could enable your business outcomes. We help you understand how various solutions can enable your business and position you for the future.

How Can Cloud Hosted Infrastructure Help Your Business?

You've seen how it helped VeraCore improve their disaster recovery capabilities and increased capital savings. Now see how it can enable your success.

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