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vCIO and managed services enable 100-year-old auto dealer to adapt

Kelser helps Hoffman Auto Group streamline customer experience and workflow just in time for a remote world

Hoffman Auto Group — a Connecticut institution — needed a technology overhaul to position itself for a second century of growth.

Kelser implemented upgrades and processes to put Hoffman on the road to the future — which happened to include a global pandemic.

Look at license plates on the road in Connecticut. From Audi to Toyota, it seems like every other car you see will have a Hoffman frame on their plate. With 10 dealerships representing nine brands in four locations across Connecticut, everyone in the Nutmeg State knows Hoffman.

The auto dealer was founded in 1921 — cars looked a little different then — and you don’t grow for a century in a competitive business without adapting. As their 100th anniversary approached, it became clear that technology needed to become a more integral part of the company’s next chapter.

Hoffman entrusted all of their IT needs to Kelser. A Kelser vCIO on Hoffman’s executive team made sure that technology would support the business strategy on an ongoing basis. Starting with the technologies the Hoffman team relies on every day — phone systems, customer support, desktop and mobile devices — Kelser streamlined the way Hoffman does business, reducing the average time to process a sale from four hours to 45 minutes.

In addition, Kelser implemented cybersecurity awareness training across the entire organization. The Kelser team built up the IT infrastructure to provide text and video updates to service customers. Kelser technology powered the launch of Hoffman at Home, the auto dealer’s new, fully remote car-buying experience, just in time for Covid-19 restrictions.

Right in the middle of all these transitions, a blizzard knocked Hoffman offline. Kelser had boots on the ground to get business up and running that day, side-stepping a multi-day outage. When your client is “driven by trust,” you rise to the occasion. It’s what Kelser does best.

How Can Managed IT Services Help Your Business?

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