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Having a workplace that provides a powerful, secure network is crucial to company performance.

By making IT part of their business strategy, IMPACT avoids issues before they arise and stays focused on what matters.

IMPACT, a digital sales and marketing company, had constant network performance issues.

When the company moved to a new office, they asked the Kelser team to design a network that could keep up with growth and demand.

IMPACT’s energetic, agile team needs a strong signal at their desks, in huddle rooms, or even while walking around. The network at their old office was buggy. So when it came time to move, they engaged Kelser to help leave the bugs behind.

Prior to their move, the Kelser team assessed IMPACT's new space and the company's network usage. Kelser's engineers then devised a plan to create a super fast network throughout every corner of the office that will never go down or fade.

As a growing company in a competitive industry, IMPACT wanted a network they simply don't ever have to think about. They needed total reliability and performance from their network, and when they moved into their new space, that's exactly what they got.

For the first time, this cloud-heavy company with a large remote workforce and clients throughout the country was able to hold top-quality video chats and other high-use functions with flawless performance anywhere in their office.

With a network that is finally able to support the work they do, IMPACT also realized it needed to get serious about cybersecurity. Kelser now ensures that IMPACT’s defenses are always up to date and supports ongoing cybersecurity awareness training for the IMPACT team.

Creating office IT environments within a budget that is optimal in every way for the team that works there is one of Kelser’s core strengths. Tailoring managed cybersecurity to fit the unique risks a company faces is another. Enabling companies like IMPACT to leverage IT to reach their full potential is what Kelser does best.

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