Healthcare Providers

Our technology solutions improve the business of healthcare while protecting patient and provider information.

An aging population. Multiplying treatment options. Payer consolidation. Changing regulations. Advances in patient and family care technology. It’s clear the business of healthcare won’t be getting any easier. We provide technology solutions that accommodate greater complexity and security concerns while enabling the simple mission of better patient care.

For Healthcare Providers, It’s Not a Matter of If, but When

Since it can be used to commit insurance fraud, among other things, health information is some of the most valuable data on the black market – making healthcare a prime target for hackers.

Is your practice at risk? Check out this presentation featuring Matt Kozloski, VP of Professional Services at Kelser as well as professionals from Webster Bank and USI Insurance to learn more about cybersecurity and how it pertains to the healthcare industry in particular.

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Mentored platform implementation delivers peak efficiency for CT-based company

Beekley Corporation was experiencing poor performance, inefficiency and an outdated infrastructure with its old vSphere environment. They wanted to upgrade for greater efficiencies, but the company’s small IT staff knew handling a potential environment upgrade was a larger task than they could handle in-house.

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Applied Technology

Simplifying and supporting remote medical work

When a doctor wants to work remotely, the technology requirements are far more complicated than simply bringing home a laptop. Jefferson Radiology wanted to streamline the process of equipping its doctors and transcriptionists to work from home – a task that previously required two members of its help desk team; one to travel to the remote location to perform the actual install, and one to complete the setup back at the help desk.

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Applied Technology


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