Modern manufacturing depends on maximum uptime. Our technology solutions empower the system reliability and secure collaboration that make it possible.

In manufacturing, information may be your most valuable asset. Our secure infrastructure solutions, designed to give you uninterrupted system availability, allow you to share information efficiently throughout your plant while protecting your connected machinery and IOT devices. In addition, we can help you comply with regulations, such as FISMA and the standards of the NIST cybersecurity framework, to ensure you can share information securely, collaborate confidently with partners, abide by industry certifications, and continue to service your government contracts.

Pre-staging and testing eases manufacturer’s move and technology change

Moving a business – and its technology – requires careful project planning and testing. Atlantic Fasteners is a fast growing distributor of fasteners and industrial supplies. As they planned to move to a newer, larger facility, the distributor also planned significant upgrades to its technology. Working with Kelser on testing and pre-staging some of the new network infrastructure before the move event instilled confidence and made troubleshooting the environment on the actual move day all that much easier.

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Applied Technology

Next-gen technology provides global network security

Today, every global network faces unprecedented information security threats that could disrupt business and harm a company’s reputation. A CT-based global manufacturer of specialty engineered products wanted to improve their global security posture with best-of-breed solutions protecting them from modern threats. Upgrading sites around the world meant navigating technical challenges, language barriers and, specifically in the security space, differing international privacy considerations. How do you modernize a business-critical, global network without disrupting business?

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Applied Technology

Email solution improves productivity while reducing expenses

Proton OnSite, a company that develops, delivers, installs and supports gas generation units on every continent, was relying on an aging and unsupported email system running on old technology infrastructure to communicate with clients and employees. The system was difficult to use, unreliable and required significant resources maintain. After consulting with the customer’s team on functionality requirements, Kelser recommended converting to Office 365, which would provide the required technical upgrades as well as maintain the customization capabilities present in the current system.

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Applied Technology

Mentored platform implementation delivers peak efficiency for CT-based company

Beekley Corporation was experiencing poor performance, inefficiency and an outdated infrastructure with its old vSphere environment. They wanted to upgrade for greater efficiencies, but the company’s small IT staff knew handling a potential environment upgrade was a larger task than they could handle in-house.

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