Step 1

What IT challenges do you experience?

I’m struggling with…

Step 2

Staffing Questions

Do you have trouble finding qualified staff?

Do you need access to highly specialized staff, but cannot justify a full-time position?

Do you have a large enough staff to meet the needs of your user base?

Step 2

Cybersecurity Questions

Have you suffered a recent breach?

Are you preparing for an audit?

Have you recently received a negative audit report?

Are you required to adhere to any specific compliance framework?

Step 2

Productivity Questions

What percentage of your team’s time is spent on routine maintenance activities (e.g. updating patches)?

Do you struggle to meet all the day to day maintenance demands while still providing a high level of service for users?

Step 2

Competitor Questions

Are you satisfied with the value your current provider delivers?

Are you satisfied with your current provider’s support level?

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