Why It Matters

One of the greatest advantages of the on-demand and XaaS model is that it creates an even playing field on which small companies can compete with larger ones. Smaller enterprises leveraging these on-demand services can compete with larger, well-established businesses using a fraction of the initial cash outlay ordinarily required to purchase hardware, software, and to hire the experienced personnel to setup and maintain those services. You can invest in a single service or a complete array to create your own virtual company.

Where does your company exist? Everywhere.

What We Offer

Everything-as-a-Service is a good idea and not just in theory — XaaS can help your business go head-to-head with the big guys with very little up-front cash and minimal investment in time and resources. Where will you be tomorrow — still plugging and tugging at traditional hardware and software resources, or embracing the future with XaaS?

Here are some Everything-as-a-Service Kelser solutions to maximize your organization’s capabilities:



Wireless is no longer a convenient luxury – it’s necessary to power your business. One monthly subscription puts fast, secure, and reliable wireless technology, service, and expertise in place to bring efficiency and modernization to your organization.



Your computer network is the most critical piece of infrastructure in your organization. It connects you with each other and the world around you. Kelser Network-as-a-Service provides the critical services that support you today and the foundation for whatever you can imagine tomorrow.

Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service


A comprehensive backup and recovery plan is the best way to keep your information safe while preventing loss and downtime in the event of an attack. We provide a complete backup, local DR and cloud DR solution coupled with ongoing management, monitoring and support in a single monthly operating expense.



By providing layered Cybersecurity-as-a-Service, with little up front cost, we make our clients safer today with solutions tailored to their risk profiles. One monthly subscription puts the technology, training and expertise in place to defend your organization’s reputation and future.


  • What Can Everything-as-a-Service Do for Your Business?

    Whether it’s Cybersecurity, Disaster Recovery, Wireless, or Network, Kelser’s as-a-Service managed services can help your business go head-to-head with the big guys with very little up-front cost and a simple monthly subscription.

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