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A Service Desk That You Can Count On

You need IT support that keeps your business secure, available and resolves your IT issues efficiently and quickly.

Focus on your business while we focus on your IT

You need an IT support partner who understands your business goals and needs

Technology issues are inevitable, frustrating and can cost your business time and money. You need the confidence that your IT support partner will respond and resolve IT issues quickly and efficiently. 

What is a Service Desk?

Every IT issue that impacts your business is important. When your IT acts up, your service desk gets the issue resolved. A simple issue can be quickly resolved by a dispatcher. A more complex situation will be escalated to a specialized engineer.

When should you submit a service ticket to the Service Desk?

When your IT device isn't working as usual, submit a ticket right away, so small issues don't turn into complex ones. 

Meet the Service Desk Team


How The Service Desk Works

Submit A Ticket

How do you submit a ticket about an IT issue?

You may submit tickets via email to servicerequest@kelsercorp.com or via phone at 800.647.5316. Both options receive the same level of service and response time.

What information should you include on a ticket?

Include as much information as possible. Include the number of people affected, the urgency, the best time and way to reach you, and any error messages you are receiving (include a screenshot). The more information, the quicker your resolution!

How often can you submit a service ticket?

You have unlimited access to our service desk and should submit a service ticket any time you have an issue with your device.



Receive Email Confirmation

What happens after you submit a ticket?

You will receive an email from our service desk confirming that your service request has been received. This email will include a window of time in which we will contact you to address the IT issue. If the time isn't convenient, we can reschedule.

Technician contacts you

How long will it take for your issue to be resolved?

There is a guaranteed 4-hour response time, but it usually takes less than 1 hour. 

Factors that may affect resolution time include:

  • complexity of the issue (How many devices/ users affected?)
  • issue cannot be resolved remotely and an on-site visit is required 
  • your schedule
  • outside vendor availability

Our goal is always to resolve your issue in the most efficient and effective way possible.

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