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Adam Stahl

By: Adam Stahl on March 05, 2019

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12 Ways a Managed Service Provider (MSP) Can Help Your Business

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Managed services providers (MSPs) offer 24/7 support for your entire IT infrastructure: software, hardware, and configurations. These services are remotely monitored and managed in order to keep a pulse on your IT environment at all times.

By constantly tracking the status of your hardware, software, and network, MSPs can provide predictive reporting and analysis to identify issues and resolve them before they create serious problems for your business. This gives you a faster, more reliable, more secure IT environment—at a fraction of the expense of hiring your own employees.

In particular, managed services companies are helpful for organizations that don't want the responsibility of handling IT themselves. These fall into two categories: those that are too small to maintain an in-house IT team, and those with data so valuable that it makes sense to outsource the liability of managing it.

Whatever your reasons for joining forces with an MSP, doing so has a variety of advantages. This article will explore 12 of the ways that managed services companies can benefit your organization.


From tech support to automated maintenance and monitoring, there are a variety of services that MSPs can provide.

While not every client needs all of the benefits listed above, it's a good idea to partner with an MSP with many different offerings.

This will give you the peace of mind that your needs will always be met, no matter how you evolve as a company.

Are IT Managed Services Right For Your Organization?

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