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By: Kelser on January 27th, 2016

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5 Important IT and Cloud Predictions for 2016

Modern Data Center | Executive Consulting

Keeping up with the whirlwind pace of the technology industry is difficult, to say the least. To help you spot the big trends in IT and cloud computing for 2016 and keep up with data security needs, we've put together a list of what we expect to see this year.

1. A Legacy No More

Legacy vendors will continue to adopt new business models and technology. We already saw this last year, when a number of vendors decreased or sold off legacy software assets that, frankly, just became irrelevant. By the end of 2016 we'll likely see more vendors evaluate offerings, ultimately selling their assets, merging with other companies, or just going out of business. Keep a pulse on vendors you use, and consider staying ahead of the curve with dynamic and secure partners.

2. A Seat at the Cloud Table

This year we expect to see a number of cloud vendors rolled into the corporate fold, as larger companies acquire their technology or simply put them out of business. The momentum created for companies like Amazon, HPE, Microsoft, and VMware in 2015 will likely continue, with smaller vendors unable to compete outside of niche offerings. On the bright side, the merging and narrowing down of cloud vendors will create stronger cloud software and service offerings, which should help strengthen data security profiles and reliability (due to their sheer size).

Our advice is to align yourselves with players who have standardized offerings, compliment your services, and are established as clear leaders in the space.

3. Big Data gets...BIGGER

Big data is obviously huge...but it's still growing. While the sheer size of big data is impressive alone, what's really impressive is how companies are using it. With more and more large companies hopping on the big-data analytics bandwagon, 2016 might just be the year in which we see smaller companies begin to tap into the possibilities of big data. There are some really interesting “Big-Data-as-a-Service” offerings, which would allow smaller companies take advantage of the incredible power of machine learning and data analytics to drive competitive advantage.

4. IT Infrastructure Engineers

Companies that are looking for IT infrastructure engineers will face problems with scarce talent pools. The market has a fair number of prospects, but when you really look at qualifications, experience, and an individual’s realistic ability to deliver, the market really narrows. This trend will continue in 2016, as more and more companies need to integrate with cloud-based providers, implement enhanced information systems security postures, and overall infrastructure modernization. Additionally, we feel strongly that the jack-of-all-trades IT professional just isn’t a reality as it was in the past. Systems, regulations, and business criticality of uptime have made the landscape just incredibly complex. Considering that, it may be unreasonable to find “that guy” or “that girl” who has enough depth and breadth to fill that role. Many companies in 2016 will continue to outsource specialized support to companies, like Kelser, who can complete and consult on complex engineering projects and support.

5. The Growth of the Cloud Hybrid

With the ongoing endemic issues with cloud-based services, some companies chose in 2015 to create a hybrid cloud environment. These hybrid environments share resources, leverage private and secure data centers, and otherwise spread resources across private resources and the public cloud. We're likely to see many more companies jump on the hybrid bandwagon to create the exact services they need. Specifically, we see hybrid cloud as a way to enhance availability, incorporate DRaaS, and enable rapid development into an environment. Hybrid cloud is an important enabler to prevent shadow-IT from introducing competing initiatives and, often, security concerns into your environment.

For help staying ahead of the curve in 2016, let's talk. Our Engineers and other staff can help ensure that you stay up-to-date, but more importantly, do it securely.

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