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By: Kelser on February 8th, 2018

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How an IT Provider in Connecticut Can Help You Avoid Social Engineering Attacks

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Cybercriminals are now interested in social engineering. Social engineering is designed to manipulate unsuspecting individuals or businesses into giving out confidential information or infecting their computers with malicious software. These attacks are not only limited to the internet, but they can also occur over the phone, or even in person.

Here are a few of the current social engineering schemes and how an IT provider in Connecticut can prevent them:


One of the most common tricks in the digital world is the use of baiting. Baiting can consist of a wide variety of items, but it usually involves the appearance of giving away a free item. Many unsuspecting victims click on the link without thinking and expose their company to ransomware, viruses, or malware.

Fortunately, an IT provider will protect your computer from these links and prevent a user from accessing a baited link. These links are not only limited to websites, but they are also commonly found in emails, so it is vital to have access to the latest anti-virus software. An IT provider can ensure your anti-virus protection is working and is just another line of protection from baiting and other attacks.

Phishing Scams

Another common issue is the prevalence of phishing scams. Partnering with an IT provider in Connecticut can help you avoid becoming the next victim of these scams as you will have access to software that can identify any suspicious websites or emails.

Of course, it is important never to give out personal information from an unknown source. It might be cybercriminals who hope to gain enough personal information to steal your identity and wreak havoc within your company or an employee's personal life.


Another popular social engineering tactic is known as pretexting. Pretexting is whenever an attacker focuses on creating a false scenario as they try to gain personal information from a company. These scams are often found in emails. Cybercriminals pretend to need personal information that can be used in identity theft. They may impersonate a legitimate company and try to manipulate an employee into giving out confidential information.

Typically, they gain your trust and then use fear to gain knowledge as they will say it is an emergency situation and a decision needs to be made now. One of the best ways to counteract these threats is through additional employee training that is focused on cybersecurity. An IT provider can ensure each employee can recognize these schemes and avoid becoming the next victim.

Social engineering attacks will continue to rise, so it is essential to have an IT provider in Connecticut that can keep your company protected from these vicious schemes.

Kelser is an IT provider that helps businesses take advantage of technology while also providing state-of-the-art security. Our IT staff is always available to answer questions and can help your organization avoid social engineering attacks. If you have any questions, contact us and let us help you with all IT-related matters.

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