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By: Kelser on January 23rd, 2018

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How to Seamlessly Implement the Cloud with an IT Company in Connecticut

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When it comes to migrating to the cloud, some people shy away out of a fear of potential difficulties. Plenty of people are willing to bypass the advantages of the cloud as they are concerned the transition will negatively impact operations. If you are hesitant to transition to the cloud, lean on our IT support team in Connecticut to facilitate the move.

Here is a look at the primary concerns with cloud migration and how they can be overcome:

Why Cloud Migration Confuses Some

Ask those who have considered a move to the cloud but did not follow through and you will find most feared certain alleged cloud pitfalls as described by others. Though some have failed during the cloud transition, this is likely due to the fact that some businesses attempt an in-house DIY (do it yourself) migration to the cloud. It is better to ally with our IT support team in Connecticut to ensure the transformation is as seamless as possible. Our team will eliminate all the confusion pertaining to cloud migration, so your business operates like a well-oiled machine.

Cloud Migration Requires a Nuanced Strategy

Shifting to the cloud is not the type of transition any group of tech professionals can handle. In order to enjoy a graceful transition in which data is kept secure, it will be necessary to lean on the expertise of the true professionals who have extensive experience with the cloud. If you rush the move to the cloud and attempt to make the transition without the assistance of cloud aficionados, this project has the potential to become quite difficult. Cloud experts across the globe emphasize the importance of assessing the situation, pinpointing workloads and setting priorities of what to address, where to begin and how to proceed. This is the type of careful planning only true cloud gurus can provide.

The Push to Overcome Cloud Adoption Hurdles

If you feel a bit intimidated by the transition to the cloud, do not fret! We can help your organization make the shift to the cloud in as seamless of a manner as possible. This transition requires a comprehensive assessment along with extensive planning during the early stages.

If the proper steps are not taken, you might end up with insufficient bandwidth for workloads. There also might be latency problems if enough network capacity is not provided to accommodate additional traffic across app components on the cloud and those on-site.

What matters most in the context of cloud migration is human beings. If you do not have the proper people on your side, this shift will undoubtedly prove challenging in a number of regards. The best in the business are willing to implement a phased migration that does not spur any additional cost or complexity.

We’re Here to Help!

When it comes to IT support in Connecticut, we at Kelser Corporation can do it all. From cloud adoption to cybersecurity, IT managed services, executive IT consulting, everything-as-a-service, IT lifecycle management and beyond, our tech gurus can handle whatever tech issue stands in the way of your organization's progress. Contact us for more information.


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