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By: Kelser on March 12th, 2018

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IT in Connecticut: 5 Benefits of Cloud Computing Solutions

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IT providers in Connecticut are increasingly providing cloud computing support solutions for multiple reasons. The cloud can really do some substantial good to companies of diverse size, provided it is correctly applied in a sequence that doesn't undermine operations. You've got to know the needs of your business. Sometimes cloud computing can be applied across the board in one singular transition, sometimes you want to go one area of operations at a time--it will all depend on your business. MSPs can be essential in helping you navigate cloud transition, and it really is worth the trouble. Some benefits you can expect include:

Cost Reduction

With the cloud, it becomes possible to entirely outsource certain costs and substantially reduce others. Cloud computing can facilitate BYOD, or Bring Your Own Device. This makes it so that you don't have to pay for employee machines or the rental space they would inhabit within your business. That alone will save tens of thousands of dollars annually. This becomes possible through a cloud network with a DaaS, or Desktop as a Service, application. Basically, how your employees would interface with your network internally is how they're able to interact with the cloud; only from wherever they happen to be when they need access. Just secure access protocols and ensure the right people log on through MDM. Also, worth mentioning is the savings which are possible through cloud computing acting as a surrogate for internal servers.

Expanded Reliability

IT experts in Connecticut can help you employ cloud computing solutions and help you operate with a greater degree of reliability. Cloud computing must be dependable and ever-present. Competitively, this becomes a core prerogative of cloud computing providers. A bonus of this for clients is an increased reliability, surfeiting operations. Internal server arrays must be internally maintained. While keeping them going is necessary for your business, it's not necessarily your core prerogative. Also, your techs may not be available immediately if an issue occurs. Neither issue hampers cloud computing provider security and management. In addition, you don't have to pay as much for such expanded reliability.

Better Security

Again, secure operations are core to cloud providers. Additionally, they must remain cutting edge both in terms of the services they provide and that which they protect against. Usually, cloud providers have more resources than your business. All these things together make cloud solutions generally more secure than internal ones.

Better Performance, Better Speed

Ten servers in an array could hypothetically process a terabyte 99% less efficiently than 1,000 servers in an array. Cloud computing arrays have, in some cases, more than a million servers put together into a super network. This makes speed and performance better than internal solutions can often manage.

Customizable Options

Lastly, cloud computing can be customized for your business's needs. Secure solutions can go private, infrastructure or non-secure ones can go public, and you can hybridize as necessary.

Making the Cloud Switch

IT in Connecticut through Kelser Corporation can help you acquire customized, cost-effective, high-performance, secure, reliable operations via cloud. Contact us now for the latest in cloud support as well as other IT solutions.

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