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By: Kelser on May 22, 2018

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IT in Connecticut: Wireless Network and Mobile Security Considerations

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IT providers in Connecticut are now providing services for banks and other financial institutions which must incorporate IoT, or Internet of Things, strategy. Wireless technology has grown into a dominating force in the market today, and those operations which don't incorporate it into regular business are apt to feel the sting of increased cost and decreased competitiveness.

That said, working in a wireless, "mobile" digital environment can be very dangerous, especially for institutions like banks whose core prerogative is the provision of financial solutions. Still, it is very convenient to check financial information, update financial information, transfer assets, send invoices, and receive invoices all from your mobile data device. This is so convenient, as a matter of fact, that it is utterly changing the face of modern finance.

Because of mobile technology's proliferation in the modern world, it's foreseeable that a cashless society may soon come to define global commerce. Accordingly, the necessity for secure digital financial transactions wirelessly managed compounds exponentially. For your cyber security in Connecticut, there are a number of security areas which must be addressed in order to effectively provide such services. These include:

  • MDM protocols
  • Network segmentation
  • Encryption

MDM Protocols

IT experts in Connecticut advise that every business must have mobile device management (MDM) protocols in place for the most secure operation. These are a set of standards and practices which help "bottleneck" operations such that security can be maintained. A "bottleneck" could be the WiFi connection an employee in your company is using remotely. Your MDM protocols should have a means of determining the security of a given connection and barring network access if that security cannot be verified.

Additionally, access to the network in a way which can facilitate augmentation should be restricted, unless proper security measures are met. Each suite of MDM solutions will differ per financial institution. The best bet is partnering with an MSP to determine your operation's strengths and weaknesses.

Network Segmentation

This was briefly alluded to earlier: you want your network divided up by necessity of access and sensitivity of information. The more sensitive the data on the network, the more restricted access should be. Again, an MSP helping you define an MDM operational suite can help you find the "sweet spots" in this area of operation.


All digital transfers and interactions with your network remotely should have encryption surfeiting them. Coming and going, encryption is a must in today's digital age.

Better Mobile Operations

At Kelser Corporation, as an IT company in Connecticut, we can help you define a mobile suite of operations that effectively facilitates your business while ensuring operational security. Contact us now for more information.


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