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By: Kelser on March 26th, 2018

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IT in CT Can Help You Comprehensively Secure Your Business Through the Cloud

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IT providers in CT are offering cloud computing solutions out of modern necessity. From smart devices storing information on the cloud, to increased computational power being leveled at operational problems, there are a lot of mainstream uses for the cloud today. If you want to maximize your business and stay competitive, it only makes sense to get involved with the cloud.

One of the most important provisions businesses enjoy from the cloud today isn't operational, though--- it's a function of security. Cloud computing can completely secure your business when compared to many internal options and there are a number of reasons for this. To that effect, following are several advantages of cloud computing in terms of cyber security in Connecticut that are worth considering:

  • Security for situations on-site solutions can't account for
  • Facilitation of an effective safety net
  • Continuous proactive monitoring and support
  • The latest in technology solutions--- and competitiveness

Security for Situations On-Site Solutions Can't Account for

An on-site security solution is limited by a number of things. Firstly, internal tech people have a limited vantage point concerning technology. It's hard for most SMBs to remain ahead of the technology game because of associated costs. Basically, internal techs perennially play catch-up for most businesses and can't really do much beyond sustaining operations. Development is very difficult; so, outside a rudimentary service provision, most internal solutions are ill-equipped to handle concerted cybercriminal intrusion from without. Another consideration is perspective. Your internal IT group simply doesn't have the perspective external MSPs can bring to the table. Third, cloud computing makes it possible to parse through data quickly and effectively in ways that would be impossible through an internal server array.

Facilitation of an Effective Safety Net

IT providers in CT hosting cloud BDR (backup and data recovery) can secure files as continuously as it is convenient. This means you can set things up so that every time the smallest bit of data is added to your network, it is backed up. Through data mirroring, it further becomes possible to maintain forward operations even should your primary system crash. Basically, if you're operating from the cloud, you can have a secondary network "mirroring" your primary one which immediately launches should you have to deactivate the primary or should it get undermined via cybercrime or something similar.

Continuous Proactive Monitoring and Support

With cloud computing, you've got the option for monitoring and support that is nigh-continuous. Internally, this is much more expensive to achieve. With cloud computing as hosted through an MSP, this is simply a service you can enjoy if you're so inclined.

Technology and Competitiveness

With cloud computing, you can enjoy the latest solutions in terms of technology, as well as increased levels of competitiveness. The cloud is always expanding and becoming more refined--- soon, it will itself be an old solution, replaced by something better. Staying contemporary with it is wise.

Optimizing Your Business Through the Cloud

IT services in CT through Kelser Corporation can help you cost-effectively and securely optimize your business via cloud computing innovations. This is true in terms of security, as well as general aspects of your business's IT needs. Contact us for the latest in cloud support and attain comprehensive security solutions.

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