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By: Kelser on April 25th, 2018

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IT Services in Connecticut That Can Help Your Business Grow

Managed Services

IT services in Connecticut as supplied through MSP solutions can help you establish and expand your profit while reducing expenses associated with regular operations. Now there are many different ways that this can be done for many different businesses, let's just explore a hypothetical operation for illustration:

A Possible Scenario

Let's say you have a business that has about 40 employees working in cubicles, doing things that aren't necessarily location-dependent. Taxes, payroll, online advertisement building, blog management, reporting, outbound sales, inbound sales, human resources work, etc. There are a lot of things that don't really require you to have a specific location, provided you've got dependable organizational communication. Now, say there are about 10 employees--management personnel, primarily--who have work that is location-dependent for one reason or another.

With cloud computing, used as a network facilitating agent, you can cut out the costs of onsite servers, as well as onsite terminals. Institute BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) Protocols. With the right MDM (Mobile Device Management) protocol in place, you can properly secure these devices, reducing the likelihood of cybercrime through remote operations.

Now you've eliminated the cost of 40 computer devices, onsite servers, and the rent associated with providing work-space for those location-independent employees. If the servers were in an array of six at $10k a piece with two IT personnel maintaining them, you were paying well over $100k a year for the privilege of an onsite network. If each employee workstation were only worth $1k, that's another $40k in savings.

If you only paid $5k a month for the rented space you no longer need, you've saved another $60k. All told, it's not without the realm of possibility to expect $200k+ in annual savings from a cloud switch utilizing BYOD and MDM. What you pay for IT services in Connecticut is vastly reduced from what you would pay to maintain them internally. And such a business need not totally downsize to save $100k+ over previous expenses annually. They could just reduce total internal tech facilitation to those who are location dependent.

Managed Services

Certainly, businesses of varying size will have varying costs; but the possible savings for even a small business are great through IoT, BYOD, and cloud implementation. What is conserved annually can be channeled to research and development, marketing, emergency funds caches, or whatever facilitates best growth.

Kelser Corporation is an MSP that provides IT services in Connecticut that can help you identify the best areas of optimization and apply solutions, which will reduce operational expenses while expanding profitability potential and ease of operations. Contact us now to see what modern tech solutions can do for your business.

Are IT Managed Services Right For Your Organization?

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