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By: Kelser on April 19th, 2018

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IT Services in CT: Best Cybersecurity Solutions for Your Business

Cybersecurity | Disaster Recovery | Managed Services

When it comes to cyber security, it seems like no one is completely certain as to what the most prudent approach is. Some businesses opt for an abundance of cyber security protections, while others have a single layer of digital security. For the most part, IT services experts in CT agree that the more security solutions you have, the better your chances are to avoid a breach.

Cyber Security Options

The number of digital security programs on the market might feel overwhelming at first glance. However, IT services experts in CT can help you figure out what your organization needs, how to limit the cost of your IT security protection and ultimately preserve relationships with clients. IT experts will guide you through IAM. This is an acronym that stands for Identity and Access Management. This system allows for the tracking of employee access along with the power to set nuanced limitations to ensure potentially malevolent individuals do not gain access to your company's systems.

Your data should be encrypted so that it cannot be intercepted and easily read during transmission. Data that is properly encrypted will prove useless if stolen. So, you need digital security experts to help you with data encryption, data loss prevention, firewalls, antivirus software and whatever other layers of protection are necessary.

You have to reach out to cyber security experts to help you protect your data, ensure it is always available upon your request and completely accurate at all times. They can explain the basics of digital protection, such as how firewalls allow for the control of outgoing and incoming connections to enhance the network's protection against potential threats. They will set you up with the best antivirus software solution for your computers. This software will scan the system for threats and provide ongoing protection until the expiry date. They can even set up an intrusion detection system to pinpoint potential threatening actions. The quicker such issues can be identified, the faster the response can be issued to preserve your data.

Disaster Recovery

Every business should be able to bounce back from a natural disaster or digital hack without delay. After all, clients will demand your services sooner or later. If you do not have a disaster recovery plan setup or have not updated your plan in the last year, it is time to plan for the worst and hope for the best. Cyber security experts in Connecticut will prove quite helpful in crafting this plan, ensuring it actually works and preparing you for the unexpected.

Let the cyber security experts integrate some or all of the solutions described above in an effort to minimize the chances of ever needing the disaster recovery plan in the future. This is the assistance your team needs to rest easy, square their focus on work, and perform to the best of their ability. Experts cover your cyber security while you focus on your strengths.

At Kelser Corporation, our IT services crew in CT will handle the projects you do not have the time, knowledge or manpower for. This is the support your organization needs to reach its true potential. Contact us now to learn more about how we can help withyour operations.

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