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By: Kelser on April 26th, 2018

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IT Services in CT Can Prove Essential in Maintaining Compliance

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IT services in CT must remain as cutting-edge as possible for any kind of cohesive competitiveness. The truth is, technology continues to expand at a near-exponential pace. Innovation is statistically predictable in accordance with Moore's Law. About every 18 months, the capacity for computation doubles on itself. Accordingly, new innovations carry out a domino effect away from that computational increase.

Greater advantages, vulnerabilities and discoveries then characterize the market. From a governmental standpoint, this trend has been realized, and compliance protocols have been put in place. 

The Issue of Compliance

Basically, there are areas of common operations that represent "choke points", such as proactive management. Many businesses are required to have proactive technology management because this is the only way to protect the identity of those in a given network. This is especially true in healthcare businesses.

Since patient exploitation is big business for cybercriminals, who are predicted to have more than $2 trillion in impact by the end of next year, HIPAA has made it absolutely essential for all healthcare operations to have proper security. They have instituted something called shared liability.

This basically means that should a healthcare facility be found out of compliance, then the MSP that should have "known better" gets fined as well. This increases the prerogative for tech companies to provide comprehensive support that can be relied on and is cutting-edge. Such businesses already have competition to contend with. Legal hoops only increase their reliability.

IT services in CT can help you secure support that is in full compliance and can keep you in compliance. Here's the other issue: as Moore's Law demonstrates, changes are going to come. There's no way around that. If you want your business to be reliable and sustainable, you'll need security solutions that change as the times do. Now, this can be done internally, and you'll have to look for yourself to ensure compliance is facilitated.

However, such internal solutions are hampered by the difficulty of staying cutting-edge and running internal equipment. Internal tech companies have to troubleshoot, they have to install, they have to upgrade, they have to maintain, and they've got to try to innovate. You'll be lucky if internal solutions can successfully and continuously tread water.

 Meanwhile, an MSP has the previously mentioned double prerogative of compliance and competition to maintain their forward ability. In order to summarize, several reasons you should work with an MSP in regard to facilitating compliance include:

  • The inability of internal solutions for most businesses
  • A double prerogative for proper operational provision
  • Access to cutting-edge technology solutions otherwise unavailable

A final operational consideration is the region itself. San Francisco is just a hop, skip, and a jump away from Silicon Valley, where the world's most cutting-edge innovations develop. If your business is to remain relevant in this region of the world, you've got no choice but to be at the top.

Safeguarding Your Business

IT services in CT from Kelser Corporation can help you avoid being undermined by compliance fines. We can also help secure your business and help you innovate in a way that is competitive. Contact us for the latest in technology as pertains to security and operations, as well as reliable compliance facilitation.


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