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By: Kelser on February 28th, 2018

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IT Services in CT: The Surprising Truth about Hackers

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Imagine hanging out on your couch, playing video games after a grueling day at work. You look up and spot a thief looking through your china cabinet. You would likely demand the thief identify himself and explain his actions. You would also call the police. This scenario is similar to what happens with computers and networks on a daily basis. However, plenty of the victims are unaware their digital belongings are being rummaged through. This is precisely why you need the assistance of IT services experts in CT.

The Types of Hackers

There are multiple tiers of hackers who invade computers and networks in homes and businesses. Each hacker is unique in various ways. However, most industry experts agree that four main types of hackers exist. These are:

  • Kiddie hackers
  • Criminal hackers
  • Military hackers
  • Corporate hackers

Each type of hacker uses nuanced hacking methods and motivations. However, they have the shared aim of kidnapping files and holding them hostage for ransom, disturbing the operations of the network or computer and stealing sensitive data. This data is typically confidential or personal in nature. IT services experts in CT provide these additional pieces of information about these hackers:

Kiddie Hackers

The name of this hacker type seems innocent, yet these evil individuals can debilitate your system. Kiddie hackers are named as such, as they are often the kids on the block who are tired of video games and mess around with digital trespassing. These curious individuals have tech skills and a taste for deviance. Such hackers typically target local wireless networks that are not secured.

Military Hackers

These hackers work for the government. They work around-the-clock to pinpoint digital weaknesses and exploit them for military purposes. These hackers target those who work at national agencies as well as other important individuals in government and military roles. Such hackers have the tools and determination necessary to hack into complex digital systems.

Corporate Hackers

These hackers are highly capable and motivated. Their purpose is to obtain information about an organization and/or disrupt operations. Corporate hackers are typically IT professionals who are quite concerned about being nabbed for their devious ways. They will go to great lengths to conceal their actions.

Criminal Hackers

These are the legitimate bad guys. They hack for profit. A criminal hacker will not hesitate to unleash ransomware on your system and hold your data hostage until a ransom is paid in bitcoin. These evil hackers have no remorse. They are skilled, talented and motivated.

Criminal hackers will even enlist operatives, pay them a wage, give them the tools to hack and continue to evolve ahead of the authorities. In fact, criminal hackers use many of the same strategies as military hackers. Aside from ransomware, these evil-doers also use Distributed Denial of Service Attacks, known as DDoS. Criminal hackers work around-the-clock or pay someone who is willing to do so in order to successfully invade networks or computers.

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