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By: Kelser on May 17th, 2018

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How an IT Services Provider in CT Can Help You Prevent Social Engineering Attacks

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IT services CTSocial engineering attacks continue to become more complex. A social engineering scheme focuses on an employee giving up personal information, such as passwords or other login credentials. These attacks can target individuals through email, social media, or even over the phone. However, an IT services provider in CT can help you avoid these attacks by providing additional training for employees and offering around-the-clock monitoring services. Here are the three most common social engineering schemes:

1. Phishing Scheme

Phishing is one of the most common social engineering attacks. This kind of attack targets individuals into giving up confidential information. For example, an employee might open an email that alleges to be from a banking institution and needs to verify your login information. However, a financial institution will never send an unsolicited email. To avoid this, an IT provider will provide additional training for employees to identify these phishing schemes. See how we helped a CT auto dealership test their employees with a fake phishing attack in the video below.

2. Baiting Attack

A baiting attack is another form of a social engineering attack. Each baiting attack involves enticing potential victims to download an attachment or click an embedded link in an email. For example, a baiting email may include downloading a video clip of the latest blockbuster movie. To avoid this, you should let an IT services provider in CT enable your business to gain access to the latest anti-virus protection that will scan each email before an employee opens it. This added layer of security can prevent many social engineering attacks from ever reaching an employee's email folder.

3. Watering Hole Scheme

A watering hole attack is a social engineering scheme that targets a specific group of people. These group of individuals may visit a particular website that isn't secure and puts the entire safety of a company at risk. Partnering with cyber security experts in Connecticut can help each employee avoid these attacks by gaining access to software that scans each visited website. This security software is always scanning websites in the background and can prevent an employee from making a critical mistake by visiting a malware-infested site.

Partnering with an IT services provider in CT offers many advantages, including protecting your organization from social engineering attacks. Kelser Corporation is an IT provider that focuses on providing the ultimate cybersecurity protection. We understand the constant threats of social engineering attacks and the importance of preventing them at all costs.


Simulated Phishing Test CTA

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