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Adam Stahl

By: Adam Stahl on June 25th, 2014

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Kelser Corporation Celebrates Technology and Golf

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East Hartford, CT - Kelser’s customers demand knowledge and understanding of today’s best technology solutions. To share this knowledge, Kelser hosts a continuing series of educational seminars, two of which happened just recently, coinciding with the Travelers Championship. Attendees were rewarded with tickets to Kelser’s hospitality skybox at the tournament.

On June 18th, Kelser hosted an event titled “An Intro to UCS.” The breakfast seminar discussed the advantages of adopting Cisco’s Unified Computing System. Some of today’s common business challenges include difficulty provisioning new servers, out of control networking cables, and users’ lack of ability to provision their own servers. UCS provides solutions to these problems and Kelser offers services which help navigate this new technology.

On June 20th, Kelser hosted its “Freedom Through Mobility” event over breakfast with HP and Intel. Mobility, a popular topic of discussion, can achieve efficiency, performance, and manageability for businesses. Kelser’s event answered questions, demonstrated new devices and methodologies, and answered all questions pertaining to the topic and its functionality in businesses.

Both events were well attended and both the educational breakfast and the hospitality skybox were enjoyed by all. The 62 year old golf tournament is always highly anticipated and this year was no exception. Kelser, a longtime supporter of the event, also provides IT services for the tournament. According to Travelers, this year the championship generated $1.34 million dollars for charity which benefited more than 140 organizations across the region.

To learn more about the Travelers Championship, visit http://travelerschampionship.com/.

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