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By: Kelser on March 14th, 2018

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3 Ways an IT Services Provider in CT Can Improve Telecommuting

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Telecommuting has become increasingly popular for businesses. Nowadays, employees work from home or any location. However, working from home isn't without a few risks. An IT services provider in CT can help ensure that each of your employees remains protected and can avoid losing any confidential data, even if they work from home or anywhere.

Considering telecommuting, here are three ways a managed service provider (MSP) can have a positive impact on these work-from-home jobs:

1. Education and Additional Training

One of the most effective ways that an MSP can impact your company is by providing additional training sessions and educating new employees. For example, a training seminar will train employees on how to avoid common internet scams and how to take advantage of telecommuting technology. These training sessions will be scheduled as often as needed and are a valuable resource for employees, especially new hires.

Of course, the IT world never stays the same for long, so it is critical for companies to stay up-to-date on the latest trends and changes in the workplace due to technology.

2. Access to the Best Technology

An IT services provider in CT can give your business access to the best technology available. This can have a significant impact on telecommuting as it makes the jobs easier for each employee with the help of the latest technology. For example, your company will get access to updates that will increase productivity and enable workers to be much more efficient.

On the other hand, not partnering with an IT provider will cause each employee to be at a disadvantage. They will not have access to the latest technology unless your business is willing to spend significant amounts of money to stay up-to-date with the latest trends.

3. Increase Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity is a necessity. It is essential to have an MSP that specializes in providing the ultimate protection. Cyber threats can occur anywhere, and it is nearly impossible for a business to avoid these threats without the help of IT experts. Fortunately, you do not have to face these threats alone. An IT provider will provide around-the-clock protection for the entire workforce, whether they work inside the office or from home. For example, encryption can help information remain confidential and out of the hands of cybercriminals.

An IT provider will also develop policies that are designed to protect remote workers from falling victim to the latest cyber schemes and provide two-factor authentication. Ultimately, partnering with an IT provider will enable your employees to experience state-of-the-art protection, whether they are working in the office or from home.

Using IT services in CT offers many advantages for companies that are considering allowing employees to telecommute from home. Kelser is an MSP that focuses on providing cybersecurity and giving organizations access to the best technology available. Our IT staff is always available to answer questions, and we are more than happy to provide additional training sessions regarding the use of technology. Contact us now if you wish to learn more about the benefits of telecommuting.

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