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Event Recap: 2012 Hartford CIO Forum & Executive IT Summit


May 21, 2012 - Hartford, CT April 24-25, 2012: Senior IT Executives from in the region gathered at the CT Convention Center for the sixth annual Hartford CIO Forum & Executive IT Summit, where “IT Solutions for Business Problems” was this year’s theme. Organized by leading IT professionals from the central CT region, the event’s goal is to showcase new technologies and to offer IT solutions for today’s toughest business challenges. Hosted by SIM, the forum is an exclusive invitation only event and is considered one of the premier IT happenings of the year.

This year marked Kelser’s second year as a Platinum Sponsor, joining the ranks of IBM, Comcast and Quantum with a booth in the handpicked vendor area. In addition, Kelser sponsored a breakout session entitled, “The CIO’s Guide to It Transformation in the Cloud Era: People & Processes”. This segment featured speakers Jonathan Stone, Technology Solutions Executive from Kelser Corporation, and Barbara DeLoureiro, Chief of Staff, Office of the CIO from EMC Corporation.

Jonathan Stone related, “Based on our survey feedback, it is clear that Kelser succeeded in bringing a relevant and timely topic to the SIM CIO Forum. Most interesting to me was our discussion with the audience on the existence of shadow IT organizations and how that is an indicator that a need is not being met by the corporate IT organization.” Participants provided high reviews from this presentation.

The discussion explored the organizational and human factor changes that need to be considered during the transformation from a legacy IT organization to an internal cloud provider. EMC’s own internal transition was analyzed as a working example. Through robust audience participation, the key factors included: the choices that business customers have in where they procure their IT services, the roles and skills needed in the new organization, an IT as a service organizational model, fundamental challenges to transformation, and key metrics used to measure the overall success of transformation.

Overall, the conference ended with positive results for all, showcasing solutions and providing networking for the region’s IT executives.

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